Early Childhood Laboratory

Helping Student Parents Achieve Their Goals – Grant Will Help Subsidize Childcare Costs

Jessenia Ginel is a single mother-of-two working towards completing her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice at Broward College. Balancing school, work, and raising a family is a challenge, but to Jessenia it’s been a lot easier to manage her time since enrolling her youngest son, 2-year-old Josiah, at the Early Childhood Laboratory (ECL) located at the North Campus on Coconut Creek.

“Since he started here, it’s been very helpful to just drop him off at a place where I know they are taking great care of him, it’s affordable, and he’s also receiving a great education while I get to my class or work,” she happily explains.

For many parents, pursuing a college education is often a challenge because of the costs associated with childcare.  Knowing that affordable childcare can sometimes be a challenge for student-parents, the College applied for and has received a  U.S. Department of Education grant to help student-parents.

$1.5 Million Grant to Increase Help

ECL studentsOver the next four years, the $1.5 million grant will support the College’s Childcare Access Means Parents in School (CCAMPIS) program. The grant will help relieve the recurring waiting list of the ECL by allowing for funds to hire more personnel to serve children aged one to five. Additionally, the College will contract childcare providers in low-income and Broward UP communities around its three main campuses in Davie, Coconut Creek, and Pembroke Pines. Student-parents, some of whom currently get support for childcare through Financial Aid, will now benefit from the Childcare Access Means Parents in School (CCAMPIS) program.

“Our students come to us with various obstacles, and they are doing everything they can to fulfill their dream of completing their college education. For many, childcare is often a major stumbling block for our student parents due to the price tag,” says Mildred Coyne, senior vice president of Workforce Education and Innovation. “Having a grant that will help subsidize that is an enormous step towards guaranteeing our students complete what they started.”

A Vital Program for Student-Parents

Currently, Jessenia is one of the 48 Broward College students benefiting from the ECL. With the help of CCAMPIS, ECL Director Jennifer Amador hopes to double the number of beneficiaries. “We understand it’s important to provide quality and affordable childcare to college students who are working hard towards a degree that will help them provide for their family,” says Amador. “Reducing our waiting list is one of our top missions, and this grant will help us do that.”

Jessenia is hopeful and excited to see fellow parents at Broward College benefiting from the grant, having herself benefitted from other financial childcare support over the past year. “It ‘s very important to have programs like this available to students like me because I know for most of us is very difficult to find someone reliable to take of our children while we work on our own education to provide for our families,” she says.

The Early Childhood Laboratory provides high-quality and affordable childcare to children aged one to five. College students can receive support for childcare costs through Financial Aid and can now additionally benefit from CCAMPIS.

Watch NBC 6 spotlight here.

Learn more about Broward UP and how it helps our local residents achieve their true potential.

Science Building

Discover South Campus – Tips to Navigate Campus Like A Pro

Hey there, Seahawk! Welcome to the last virtual tour of the semester. In previous editions, we provided you with a guide to navigate our A. Hugh Adams Central and North Campuses. This time, we want you to explore the Judson A. Samuels South Campus located in Pembroke Pines.

Vibrant Student Life

Science BuildingIf you have been taking classes at the Judson A. South Campus, you know that Student Life frequently hosts events in the Breezeway by building 68. Inside the building, opposite the cafeteria, you will find the Student ID office and the Student Activity Center, which often serves as the venue for many activities, including workshops and discussions. At any other time, you can play some pool, videogames, or table tennis.

If you enjoy cultural and other entertainment activities, the Performing Cultural Arts Theater (PCAT) is located nearby, at the northern end of building 68. The venue seats over 300 people and is often used for concerts, lectures, and other art shows that can be free or low-cost to students.

Popular Programs and Student Activities

Judson A. South Campus is home to The Emil Buehler Aviation Institute, given its vicinity to the North Perry Airport. It is located on the southern end of the campus, right on the border of the airport. In 2017, the College expanded by building an Aviation annex, located inside the airport near Pembroke Road.

The student newspaper, The Observer, has its newsroom on the second floor of building 68, where they often hold journalism workshops. On the west side of campus, you can find the Basketball, Baseball, and Soccer fields.

Spots to Study

There are several quiet places on campus, both indoors and outdoors, for study time. If you want to enjoy the sunny Florida weather and don’t mind humidity, you can tackle your assignments on one of the tables located near the art gallery open space behind building 71. If you prefer cooler temperatures, then you can head over to the library (building 81), the second floor of building 68, or the Academic Success Center in building 72.

There you have it, all the hot spots in the Judson A. Samuels South Campus.

Broward College serves more than 63,000 students annually and currently has 11 locations across Broward county. Don’t miss out on having a full college  .

Veterans Day

Supporting Veterans Transitioning into Civilian Life

Broward College is the higher education institution of choice for more than a thousand veterans, and as we celebrate Veterans Day, we are proud to honor them. Throughout November, the College is engaging its student veterans through several events.

Veterans Day Celebration Events

In addition to luncheons held on the three main campuses, this year, veterans get their game on with the opportunity to participate in a local basketball or football game.

Happy Veterans DayOn November 12, the Miami Heat will host a Military Appreciation game, and Broward College student veterans are invited to attend. The fun continues on November 17, when the College hosts student veterans at the Dolphins’ Military Appreciation game. They will be joined by President Haile and other senior leaders at the College.

And then, it's on to the pomp and pageantry with a special ceremony to recognize graduates who served in the U.S. Armed Forces. This year, for the first time, the College will host a medal ceremony on November 26 at Bailey Hall, to bestow the official graduation medal to those who have met the requirements to graduate this fall. “The medal ceremony is an important gesture to show our veterans that we honor and value their service to our country, and we want them to succeed in their future endeavors,” explains Carlos Parra, district director of Student Affairs. “We used to just give them the medal during the commencement ceremony, but this year, we wanted to find a special way for them to be recognized by fellow students, staff, and faculty and celebrate the significance of the medal.”

Special Resources to Support Our Veteran Community

Veterans Day activities are only one of the ways Broward College recognizes its student veterans. Broward College works hard year-round to offer services to help those who have chosen to pursue their educational goals with us. Among those efforts, this year the College redesigned the Student ID, making a special edition for student veterans, who can use it when visiting any administrative office in the College to receive priority status.

Veterans are eligible for several benefits as it pertains to Financial Aid and other financial resources. There are also employment opportunities available to veterans enrolled in at least nine credit hours per semester, either on or off-campus. During the spring semester, the College hosts resume-builder workshops tailored for Veterans only.

Many veterans find it challenging to transition and apply their knowledge and experience into civilian life, and the Seahawk Outreach Services (S.O.S) is another way the College supports student veterans who are experiencing challenges outside the classroom that jeopardize their ability to succeed in their college journey.

Each main campus has a chapter of the Student Veterans of Americans (SVA) club. By joining, you can build a network with your peers to address any need or concern you may have.

District Student Services provides opportunities to engage beyond the classroom for both personal growth and social interactions. Have an idea for an event or program? Call 954-201-6040

Are you a veteran who wishes to work on your educational goals after serving your country? Broward College is here to help you achieve your best self and has a vast pool of resources and opportunities just for you. Learn more here.

Erica Noel

Dream Big or Go Home – Erica Noel Has Big Plans and the Determination to See Them Through

With a big smile on her face, 19-year-old Erica Noel wakes up every morning with a strong determination to reach her goals. A full-time student, part-time worker, and president of the Student Government Association (SGA) on the A. Hugh Adams Central Campus, in Davie, Erica is used to managing such a heavy workload since her days in high school. Despite having her plate full, her easygoing and happy soul may be the reason she has such a bright and hopeful vision of the future.

Born in the Bahamas, Erica arrived in the United States when she was four years old. Her mother’s Haitian origins are strongly cultivated in Erica, who speaks fluent Creole and loves her mother’s cooking. But she feels as American as anyone born here. “I grew up in this country, and I love it as my own,” she says.

Erica attended University of Central Florida for a semester before arriving to Broward College in August 2018. “I just had a feeling that UCF wasn’t the best fit for me and that feeling proved right when I enrolled at Broward College. I felt at home here and I just love how nice everyone is and how the College really cares to provide high-quality, affordable education to the student body,” Erica explained.

She is currently majoring in Biology but has found a passion for Biomedical Engineering, which may result in changing her major next semester. Erica is an exceptional student with a long, rewarding path ahead.

The Dreams I Have

Erica Noel at BOT meeting“I have always enjoyed science, I’m an avid reader, and I really enjoy working with my hands,” she says. “Which is why I know that the medical field is something that won’t feel like a job to me.” And if you ask her where she sees herself ten years from now, she will excitedly tell you that she will be a Harvard or Yale alumna working a residency somewhere in California or Las Vegas. “Ever since the fifth grade, when I discovered my love for science, I’ve been working very hard and focused on getting the grades I need to go to one of the top schools in the medical field. I’ll admit I may stretch myself too thin sometimes between school, extracurricular activities, and work, but I know what I want,” she says, with eyes that show she means business.

And to top the cake, she even plans on one day running for governor. “Even though I will pursue a career in medicine, I want to, later, immerse myself in politics. It’s something that I’m very interested in and that I find extremely important.”

For the Benefit of the Student Body

When she was called to partake in the October Board of Trustees meeting as the Student Trustee, a role that is rotating among the SGA presidents of each main campus, Erica knew this was a fantastic opportunity.

“Even though I was involved with student government in high school and went to Tallahassee several times to participate in government mockups, I was excited to see the behind the scenes of the decision-making process at the college level,” Erica recalls.

Although she didn’t take part in the voting process, she was a representative voice of the students of the College, giving her thoughts on topics such as the plans to revamp building 19, where Student Life and other administrative offices are located, into a full Student Hub.

For the spring semester, Erica will focus her energy and time left as student body president on developing ideas that will engage more students in activities and opportunities on campus. “I definitely want to see more students eager to participate on campus because we have many opportunities that are being underused,” explains Erica. “I believe we can offer more initiatives like the Seven Circles, which is a Student Life project that shows students what they need to be happy and healthy and provide them with the tools necessary to not only succeed at school but also in life. After all, if you’re not happy, it’s very difficult to achieve your goals and dreams.”

Learn more about student leadership and other resume-builder opportunities available at Broward College here.

Building 46, North Campus

Discover North Campus – Spots Every Student Should Know

Hey there Seahawk! Last month, we provided you with a guide to all the places students should know on our A. Hugh Adams Central Campus. Settle in for another virtual campus tour. This time, we invite you to get familiar with our North Campus, located in Coconut Creek.

Student Life

Building 46, North CampusThe hub of Student Life on North Campus is building 46. You will find most of your peers hanging out at the cafeteria, the coffee house next to it, or the open space in front of the building. Most Student Life events also take place in this area, so whenever you’re on campus, make sure to pass by.

If you are interested in entertainment and culture, a popular location to check out is the Omni Auditorium, a multi-purpose facility that seats up to 2,000 people.  The Auditorium often features musical shows and community functions, including performances from students in the music, dance, and theatre programs. 

Popular Programs and Initiatives

While you can enroll in classes for any program at any campus, certain programs may be exclusive to a particular campus. At North campus, the most popular are Environmental Science, Teacher Education, and Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Given the popularity of the Environmental Science program, it is only logical that the campus is also home to the Dr. Peggy Green Sustainability Institute. The Institute is an initiative launched by the College in 2011 and dedicated to Dr. Peggy Green, a faculty member, and advocate of sustainability efforts, and is located in building 51.

Campus Services

North Campus offers unique services that benefit students, employees, and the community. One such service is the  Vision Clinic. Located in building 41, also known as the Health Sciences building, the Vision Clinic is staffed with students who are supervised by clinic doctors to provide safe and quality eye care at a lower cost to the public.

The Early Childhood Laboratory School in building 63 opened its doors in January 2014 to provide high quality and affordable hands-on learning to children aged one to five years old.

It is the first and only dual-purpose public laboratory school in Broward County, providing firsthand training for college students enrolled in Early Childhood Education degree programs.

Check out these and other popular locations and more.

Broward College serves more than 63,000 students annually and currently has 11 locations across Broward county. Don’t miss out on having a full college experience.

Staying in the Game – Polishing Up Your Programming Skills at the BC Hackathon

In a competitive industry such as the tech world, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends of the trade. A crucial part of your success in the industry, which is expected to grow 12 percent in the next 10 years according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, requires you to work constantly on improving your skills. In other words, you must become a lifelong learner.

On Friday, Oct. 25, 2019, programmers and tech enthusiasts in South Florida will come across the perfect opportunity to work on their programming, problem-solving, and time management skills during the 2019 BC Hackathon.

The 24-hour coding event, now in its fifth year, is hosted by Broward College’s Computer Science department with the goal to bring together aspiring programmers, industry experts, mentors, and potential employers.

What is it about?

Hackathons are designed as an environment that encourages idea sharing, teamwork, and tight deadlines. You must work with a team of up to five peers to create a usable software in 24 hours or under. The team has the opportunity to work and learn from professionals in the industry and College faculty, working as mentors, in a real-life setting.

Participants are allowed to brainstorm before the event starts but all coding must be done during the 24-hour window. To create or join a team, you can do it online through CrowdForge. If you have a project idea, you can create a team page in the platform explaining your project and listing the skills you need in your team.

The Competition and its Rewards

Participants are encouraged to develop software in any of these categories: mixed reality, social good, education, or diversity and inclusion. You can use any language, framework, or library to help your project.

Judges Denise Mendez (Magic Leap), Tony Casciotta (Broward College), Steve Orsino (Ultimate Software), and Kristian Bouw (Notion Theory) will be looking at the innovation, complexity, implementation, and presentation as the criteria of the competition. Trophies in Code for a Cause, Most Innovative Idea, Best Presentation, Crowd Favorite, Best XR Project, and Best Overall are awarded in a ceremony on Saturday, Oct. 26 after the teams present their completed projects. All team members must participate during the presentation.

Participants must be currently enrolled high school or college students. All majors welcome. Admission and participation is free but you must RSVP through Eventbrite.

Learn more about mentor and volunteer opportunities during the Hackathon here.

Interested in a career in Computer and Information Technology? Learn about the programs available at Broward College here.

Marine Engineering Classroom

Industry, Manufacturing, Construction, and Transportation - A Career Pathway for Hands-on Individuals

If you choose to pursue a career path in Industry, Manufacturing, Construction, and Transportation (IMCT), you will be required to engage in practical learning that requires you to be hands-on and creative. Careers such as mechanical or marine engineering, automotive technology, building construction, and avionics require you to possess these qualities in addition to the industry-specific skills necessary.

Community colleges such as Broward College are the perfect fit for those who hope to make a living in any of these technical occupations. Most of the skills needed for these occupations are available in one of the programs offered at the College and can be completed in as little as two years.

Marine Engineering ClassroomYou can experience fantastic perks when you work in any of these industries nationwide, but in Florida, these are the top industries in the state’s economic force. Construction, Manufacturing, and Transportation rank in the top five fields with the greatest number of jobs available in the state, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).


Representing 4.95 percent of Florida’s Gross State Product, according to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, the manufacturing industry is responsible for almost 400,000 high-wage jobs in the state. Nationally, the industry is experiencing a shortage of skilled workers, and, over the next decade, the BLS projects it will grow. Their data shows that through 2028 there will be 4.6 million job openings in the industry, and 2.4 million of those may remain unfilled due to the skills gap.

At Broward College, you can enter the manufacturing industry when you pursue a degree in Engineering Technology.


If you’re a local to South Florida, you’re used to the sights of construction cranes both in the downtown areas and the suburbs. There’s a reason many call Miami the ‘crane city’ after all. This building boom gives way to the creation of jobs within the industry at all levels. Florida is home to over 70,000 contractors, which equals 8.7 percent of the national industry.

In just two years, Broward College can train you for a career in the construction industry as a plan examiner, scheduler, superintendent, or project manager through the Building Construction Technology program.

According to BLS, median yearly salaries start at $57,700 (first-line supervisors) and can go up to $73,495 (construction managers).


The transportation sector in the United States is responsible for the employment of 13.3 million people, which equals to 9.1 percent of the country’s workforce, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Florida ranks second in the states with the highest employment in the industry, and hourly wages start at $17.91.

Broward College focuses on offering programs related to air transportation such as Aviation Administration with specializations in Air Traffic Control, Airport Operations, Commercial Pilot, and Management; Aviation Maintenance; Avionics; and Professional Pilot. The Automotive Service Management and Marine Engineering programs are also available at the College.

Learn more about the programs offered through the IMCT pathway.

The Innovation Hub at Broward College

Encouraging Entrepreneurship– How Broward College Is Supporting Students’ Business Ideas

In South Florida, entrepreneurship is booming, and people from all over the U.S. are moving in to develop their innovative ideas into successful businesses. A 2017 study done by the Kauffman Foundation, a company that develops entrepreneurship programs and funds global research, ranked South Florida number one in the country as the center for new startup businesses.

To further the efforts to support the local community, Broward College developed a group of initiatives aimed to help not only our students but Broward County residents as well. The initiative is led by the Workforce Education, Innovation, and Impact team, and driven through the Broward College Entrepreneurship Experience (BCEx). The objective is building a reliable and robust network for aspiring leaders of tomorrow to develop their ideas.

Brandon Gibson, who is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and active member of the Broward College Entrepreneurship Experience (BCEx), is a first-hand witness to how the College is addressing this trend. “One of the very first things we have learned at BCEx is that our economy is leaning towards entrepreneurship, and studies show that within the next decade or so, the workforce will be heavily dependent on it,” he says.

Building a Network Through BCEx

BCEx seeks to empower students, faculty, and staff by providing training focused on innovation, idea development, and social ventures.

"BCEx is part of the College's solution to the demands of the changing nature of work," explains Dr. Mildred G. Coyne, "Employers are expecting graduates that are mentally agile, creative, excellent communicator and innovate within their place of work."

This program provides an environment of collaboration, creativity, and networking.

"In addition to the usual perks of BCEx, perhaps the most important to me is that you not only earn the knowledge on how to start your own business," says Brandon who is currently working on a social app that will connect Broward College students with the programs, clubs, and initiatives that fit their interests and passions. "There is a big focus on opening the door for people want to develop ideas that will bring a positive change to their communities and the lives of others in general."

Other Support for Entrepreneurs

In addition to BCEx, Broward College offers additional support to local entrepreneurs through its Innovation Hub and the J. David Armstrong Student Venture Fund. Both programs offer resources and guidance for business development.

Start at the Innovation Hub

The Innovation Hub at Broward CollegeThe Innovation Hub is a mixed-use business space, located on the 11th floor of the Broward College Downtown Center and is comprised of private offices, dedicated workspace, and shared coworking areas. The Innovation Hub also has printing stations, free WiFi, and open access to networking events hosted by the Hub.

Additionally, the Broward College Innovation Hub, in partnership with Career Source Broward, has developed the Startup NOW Accelerator, a six-month program that provides training on how to start a business following a carefully crafted business plan with support from qualified mentors. The program offers workshops, hands-on research, and mentorship meetings. Participants earn 12 transferrable college credits and a certificate in Entrepreneurship from the College.

The J. David Armstrong Student Venture Fund

The J. David Armstrong, Jr. Student Venture Fund created in 2018, provides capital to Broward College students to launch startup businesses. The program is off to a great start, surpassing the initial fundraising goal of $500,000 by almost $100,000. To qualify, applicants must be  degree-seeking students at Broward College and enrolled in one of the entrepreneurial certificate programs.

Most entrepreneurship endeavors in South Florida are creating jobs in the tech industry. However, all industries are flourishing and welcoming of innovative ideas to be developed into successful businesses. Get started today and be a part of the modern economy.

NAACP Broward College Chapter

Passing Torch: Broward College Professor Works to Establish NAACP Student Chapter

Since the day his godmother lit a fire under him as a kid, Dr. Robert Morris has borne the responsibility of passing the torch in the civil rights movement to the next generation of social activists.

“We would talk about civil rights in class, and my students would ask, ‘Why don’t we have a NAACP chapter,’ and I didn’t know,” said Morris, a professor of American History at Broward College. “And, then they asked if we could start a chapter, and I said, ‘Absolutely.’”

Dr. Morris expects the new Broward College National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) chapter to gain official recognition from the organization’s national headquarters, Tuesday, October 15. When it does, the 25 members at Broward College will form the first student chapter in the county and will join the University of Miami, Florida International University, and Florida Memorial as branches with higher education addresses in South Florida.

“It’s about building leadership,” said Morris. “Our goal is to look at issues that are not only affecting African-Americans around the country but other minorities as well. It’s a matter of getting students involved and making them aware.”

A lifelong member of the NAACP, Morris had a head start setting the wheels in motion to establish a student chapter at Broward College. His godmother is Dr. Shirley Johnson, a former vice president of the NAACP Miami-Dade branch who, as a teen in the ‘60s, was jailed several times for demonstrating in support of desegregation.

Film: Brown v. Board of Education

NAACP Broward College ChapterMorris said the first formal chapter meeting is scheduled for November, but that will not stop him and his students from raising awareness surrounding equal rights concerns. The chapter will host a presentation of the film “Brown v. Board of Education,” Monday, October 28, in the Student Activity Center on Judson A. Samuels South Campus. A discussion will follow the film, which marks the 65th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision that ruled racial segregation in public schools to be unconstitutional.

“Maybe some students have heard about the court decision, but probably not in-depth,” said Morris. “We want to share information and begin to open up conversations. We can’t just expect students to know everything. It’s our responsibility to educate them.”

Morris is dedicated to doing his part to inform and engage. To start the academic year, he and a group of Broward College students attended the 2019 Freedom Fund Soiree, a black-tie affair at the Dodge Center in Pembroke Pines to celebrate the NAACP’s 31 years of service to Miami-Dade County.

“I’m a community person,” said Morris, who is active in Broward UP™ and the Minority Male Initiative. “I’m always interested in giving back. If not me, then who?”

Broward College students committed to equal justice across all groups and addressing issues facing the nation can get involved with the campus chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. For more information about the NAACP, email rmorris1@broward.edu

Raysean Lockhart

Home Free: Broward College Grad Now Owns Keys to His Future

Keeping up with his coursework during the day was as hard as the floors he slept on at night. Raysean Lockhart was without a place he could call his own while he attended Broward College, couch-surfing from one home to another, always looking over his shoulder, worried that he had shifted the weight of his world to the back of the friend or relative kind enough to give him a place to stay.

The good thing is that for enough of the day, Raysean could immerse himself in class, safe from the neighborhood crime, drugs, and violence that cast a shadow on his college aspirations.

“I was always worrying about having to study in the dark or under a streetlight when the electric bill had not been paid,” said Raysean, recalling some of the “small obstacles” he faced on the way toward earning an associate degree at Broward College.

Raysean LockhartFor his sake, the future is no longer dim. Sitting in an office at Broward College, dressed in a suit and tie he wears to his part-time job at the law firm Cohen & McMullen, P.A., in Fort Lauderdale, Raysean was eager to begin his next chapter in life after graduating from the University of South Florida with a bachelor’s degree in the interdisciplinary Social Sciences.

Safe Place on Campus

Olivia Sarson remembers the beginning of his journey fondly. When they first crossed paths, Sarson was working in enrollment services alongside Taura Parker, who is Raysean’s aunt. Parker would bring her nephew with her to campus to get a glimpse of college life. Until then, Raysean had been witness to “normal things” growing up in Washington Park, like stabbings, shootings and dead-end jobs.

“If you grow up rough, you’ve got to assess where you’re at and where you are going -- and is it a safe place,” said Sarson, who currently directs “Get REAL” at Broward College, a scholarship program for students from challenging backgrounds. “He was literally here every day, and we welcomed him. He had that smile that would make you want to do as much as you can for him.”

Without a scholarship or award in hand, often that meant feeding more than his hunger to learn.

“He was very hungry and would come by my office for food,” said Claudia Sahagun, a professor of Spanish at Broward College. “His life was hard, and the odds were definitely not in his favor, but he was a bright kid who brought lots of resilience to our class.”

Surrounded by Great People

Broward UP organizers intend to send Raysean into the community to spread the word about scholarships, Pell grants and all the opportunities that can make college a doable proposition for students with backgrounds like his.

“Everything I’ve attained is due to the great people God put into my life,” said Raysean, who has dreams of attending Harvard Law School and becoming an advocate for social justice, perhaps, in Washington Park, where many kids are known for all the wrong things. “I want to share everything that I’ve endured to help those who aren’t able to help themselves: you may be going through some hard times, but don’t give up.”

If you are dedicated to promoting opportunity and inspiring residents of Broward County to achieve their highest potential, Broward UP™ is a countywide movement for you to get behind. Here’s how you can partner.