You may think that going through College is a lonely and stressful journey, especially when it comes to homework and finals. But you don’t have to do it alone, and it certainly doesn’t have to be stressful. With the excellent resources and personnel available to the students at Broward College, you can get through the most challenging assignments and topics successfully.

The Academic Success Center (ASC), with locations on each main campus and the Willis Holcombe, Pines, and Miramar West Centers, is the epicenter of student success and the hub for knowledge at the College.

“The research shows that students who utilize the ASC perform better than those who don’t,” says Mary Lapointe, lab supervisor at the Willis Holcombe Center’s ASC. “They learn better study habits, how to focus on their assignments, and have the opportunity to ask for immediate help if they find a roadblock while they work.”

Services Available

Academic Success CenterASC offers tutors in accounting, business, computer science, economics, English as a Second Language (ESL), modern foreign language, math, science, STEM, and writing. There are separate labs for math, ESL/reading, writing, and STEM, that offer customized tutoring for courses in these areas.

You can also request academic material such as study and exam guides, solution manuals for subjects such as math and psychology, and video tutorials. And, for science students, the ASC at the Willis Holcombe Center has an open lab with hands-on anatomy models.

Additional support services offered at the ASC are open computer labs with printing and scanning, laptop and graphic calculators’ loans, guided study group sessions, and exam reviews. The ASC also offers special assistance to students with disabilities. All services are offered free of cost to currently enrolled students. You must present your student ID to use the facilities.

“This is definitely a great space for students to visit either before or after class to work on their homework, and get help if they need it. Our staff is readily available for any questions, and we can take whatever time necessary with a particular student,” says Kasey Dorian, English tutor. “From my own experience, I spent most of my freshman year at the ASC and as I result I had a 4.0 GPA myself.”

Students are encouraged to visit the Academic Success Center throughout the semester to take full advantage of all the resources available and polish their study skills from early on in the semester.

Hours and tutoring for subjects vary depending on location. You can visit the ASC at North, Central, or South campus, as well as Willis Holcombe, Miramar West, and Pines Center.