In 2008, the U.S. Congress established September as National Campus Safety Awareness Month (NCSAM.) To observe NCSAM, and as part of the efforts to bring the community and public safety organizations together, each year Broward College hosts Campus Safety Day (CSD.)

Led by the Safety, Security & Emergency Preparedness team, the event brings more than thirty organizations to campus for a career and informational fair about the different institutions that serve the Broward County community. Among the institutions present this year are the Florida Highway Patrol, the FBI, the Davie Police Department, Florida Atlantic University Police Department, the U.S. Coast Guard, and Broward Health.

“It’s very important for us to connect with the community we serve,” says Lieutenant Yanko Reyes, public affairs officer of the Florida Highway Patrol. “The only way for us to know how to properly help people and make sure that we are doing our job correctly is to talk to them and understand their problems. Events like this, Campus Safety Day, are the perfect opportunity to create that connection and build a strong relationship between law enforcement and community.”

“This is also an opportunity for the Campus Safety team here at the College to have strong student and staff engagement,” adds Campus Safety Lieutenant John Labandera.

Campus Safety at Broward College

Safety, Security, and Emergency Preparedness DepartmentNational Campus Safety Awareness Month is meant to create the path towards a public and transparent discussion about the safety issues that affect College campuses. At Broward College, the Safety, Security & Emergency Preparedness (SSEP) department works year-round to create the safest environment possible for students, faculty, staff, and everyone who visits any of Broward College location.  As a result, Campus Safety Day was designed as an opportunity to encourage engagement and to discuss the procedures and guidelines that the College abides by as it relates to campus safety.

“We want to let everyone know what the resources are that we offer to our college community and inform them about some of the innovative safety features that we have on our campuses,” says Labandera.

Among those features are the RAVE Guardian app, available to students, faculty, and staff to connect them directly, and in real-time with campus safety officers. The app provides tools such as a call directory, a campus safety call button, and a safety timer which serves as a virtual escort for someone walking alone on campus.

The SSEP also develop and provide emergency plans that include hurricane and active shooter preparedness guides.

The last Campus Safety Day will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 25, from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at North Campus.

Have a desire to help your community? Explore the rewarding career opportunities in Public Safety, Nursing, and Emergency Medical Services at Broward College.

Broward College offers many resources to guarantee a safe environment at all of our campuses and centers. Learn more at SSEP.