After almost a decade of lying dormant, the Seahawk Flying Team was revived in January 2019 by an eager group of aviation students headed by the club’s president Julien Pinon. Julien had previously attended a university with a Flying Team and knew the endless opportunities and benefits of creating, or in this case, revamping, a chapter at Broward College. He and his friend Jonathan Strod, vice president of the club, took to the task of recruiting members and soon found themselves scheduling meetings to gear up for the 2019 National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA) Region IX SAFECON competition.

“It has been very exciting to see this group of enthusiastic students take on the job of bringing the club alive once again,” says Russell McCaffery, dean of the Transportation programs. “I’m proud of all the work the team has put in this year and especially proud of how well they performed at SAFECON, considering this is their first competition.”

2019 NIFA Region IX Safecon

SAFECON is an intercollegiate competition where students are tested in ground and flight activities and real-life situations that relate to aviation safety and regulations. Schools from Florida, Georgia, and Alabama participate in the competition.

The Seahawk Flying TeamJulien and Jonathan, along with five team members headed to Lakeland, Fla., on November 3 through November 7, to represent Broward College. Although the team competed with scarce resources and no airplane, they were recognized for their outstanding performance and received the SETP Foundation Challenge Trophy, awarded to the school that showcases the best spirit, safety, and other aspects of a complete aviation program.

Four team members earned places among the top ten competitors for the individual categories of Preflight Inspection, Aircraft Recognition, Ground Trainer, Computer Accuracy, and Message Drop. The Message Drop category was a flight event in which the College was able to participate using a borrowed airplane from the Florida Institute of Technology and Polk University.

Soaring to New Heights

For aviation students, joining the team isn’t just about competing. “When Jon and I decided to open up the club, we knew that it would help us to reinforce what we learn in the classroom,” says Julien. “And I knew the College had an excellent reputation for its aviation program and that we have extremely talented students that could showcase the greatness of the program.”

As McCaffery explains, the club is a great way for the students to get to know one another and keep themselves motivated throughout their program.

“We do many different activities in our meetings,” says Jonathan. “While we were preparing for the competition, we are simultaneously having fun and doing something we are passionate about. We are also planning on scheduling activities with other clubs such as Aviation Maintenance and Alpha Eta Rho – Eta Pi Chapter.”

The club will host a kickball game against the Aviation Maintenance club in December.

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