Summer is officially over, and as you settle back into your school routine again, it may be challenging to escape the vacation mindset. We caught up with our experts at the Academic Success Center (ASC) who shared these tips to get you back on track and help you succeed as you start the new academic year.

“By following these tips, we can guarantee that students will benefit greatly,” says Sara Smith, an English tutor at the ASC. “They will turn in assignments of high quality, which will positively impact their grades and their overall academic success.”

Take Care of Yourself First

The first thing she and her colleagues agree on, is to make sure all your basic needs are met. This includes everything from eating healthy and exercising, to getting a good night’s rest. When you pay attention to your physical and mental health, it’s easier to concentrate on your responsibilities.

Broward College studentsMake and Stick to a Schedule

Getting back to a routine and work is hard, especially if you are still feeling the summer bliss of days spent at the beach, hanging out with friends, and not having a worry in the world, or have become accustomed to having only a work schedule. It’s important to create a and stick to it.  Once you know your class schedule, and any additional responsibilities you may have, such as work or chores, you should build a comprehensive timetable you can follow. Just remember not to overwhelm yourself. It’s all about proper time management.

Prioritize your Workload

To avoid some of the stress associated with assignments, Smith says she encourages students to create a priority list. As it relates to school work, it’s best to attack whatever subject matter you find the most difficult first. That way, you use most of your energy and focus on the area that needs it the most. You will be relieved to get that over with, and the “easier” subjects will feel natural to you and less stressful.

Concentration is Key

When it’s time to study, put all distractions away. Turn off all electronic devices, yes, especially your cellphone. If you must use a laptop and internet access, avoid logging into your social media sites. Additional distractions can include the presence of other people in the room and loud conversations.

“It’s crucial for students to create a distraction-free environment. It’s the only way to really devote the attention and effort necessary to complete all the assignments at hand,” explains Smith.

Avoid procrastination

It’s so easy to get caught up in the “I can take care of it later” train that you must put an effort on your part not to do so, especially at the beginning of the semester. Whether you realize it or not, the way you approach your responsibilities, now is the way you’ll approach them later. If during the first week of class, you start putting off assignments, by mid-semester, you will find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of work and pressured about deadlines.

“Most of the time, students tend to put off the assignments they find overwhelming. The thing to keep in mind is that, however overwhelming an assignment may seem, procrastinating will only compound that feeling,” says Smith. “The best way to avoid falling into procrastination is to find an accountability partner to keep you on track or form a study group with your peers.”

If you find yourself struggling with an assignment or a particular subject, visit the Academic Success Center on your campus. You can find tutors for many subjects, including English and Mathematics. Learn more about campus locations, hours, and additional services available at the ASC.