If you were to take a look at Gabriel De Moura’s calendar, you would feel overwhelmed. Gabriel is always on the go and making the most out of his time as a Broward College student: he’s enrolled full-time in the Professional Pilot program and serves as the student body president in the Student Government Association (SGA) at South Campus.

On top of that, he serves as the first student trustee in the Board of Trustees meetings for the 2019-20 academic year – a role that will rotate between the student president of each main campus. His participation follows a measure approved by the board in April to have a student government campus president sit on the dais of its meetings and workshops. “It is a huge responsibility for me to represent my peers in front of the board and I’m honored I have this opportunity. It was an eye-opening moment to be able to voice our concerns and create a conversation between students and decision-makers,” says Gabriel.

The Peculiar Child

Gabriel De MouraThe 21-year-old was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but had a challenging childhood. His parents divorced when he was three years old, and moved around quite a lot, to different cities, houses, and neighborhoods.

“Moving around as much as I did, it was difficult to make friends. Besides, I had peculiar interests… while all kids my age were listening to Brazilian pop songs, I was pretty much into American culture from very early on,” says Gabriel. “Playing videogames was my main hobby and it made me want to learn English, so I could understand what I was playing.”

Gabriel has grown up to appreciate the lessons learned during his childhood. Moving around taught him to be open to meet new people, to welcome adventure and new experiences.

Seizing Second Chances

During elementary and middle school, Gabriel was very active in extracurricular activities. He would enter all types of competitions, from junior Olympics to astronomy and physics tournaments. But it all changed in high school, when his motivation wavered after he learned that his dream of joining the Brazilian Air Force was a no-go – he was told he needed to wear glasses, which instantly disqualified him to join. He found a way to follow his dream on a slightly different way: he will become a commercial pilot and would like to work for Emirates Airlines.

Thanks to his mother’s resolution, Gabriel was able to attend his senior year of high school at an American school in Michigan, which lifted his spirits. He was back to his younger self, participating on the football and wrestling teams.

“My mother’s determination was critical in getting me where I am right now. Finishing up my high school in Michigan gave me the push I needed to get back on track and make something of myself,” says Gabriel.

It’s All About Opportunity

With a laser-like focus, Gabriel knows exactly what his goals are. He is adamant that his time as student trustee will be well-spent. His main objective: to overhaul student activities. If anyone can testify to their significance in a students’ life, it is Gabriel.

“Broward College is very supportive of student-run clubs and organizations. However, I feel there are some things that can still be improved,” says Gabriel. “My main concern is the professional connections that students are exposed to. I see they are lacking and I feel that’s a wasted opportunity.”

Gabriel is a strong believer that the focus of the student organizations on campus should shift towards providing more professional connections between the students and future employers and colleagues. And he hopes these connections can be sponsored by the College. “I know that Broward College is committed to student success and if my peers show their interest in taking such opportunities, I know the College will step up and make it happen,” he says.

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