It’s only been four years since Broward College launched its Associate of Science degree in Film Production Technology, but the demand is so high that starting this fall, students now have the opportunity to enroll in one of three sessions of Film Production I, the foundation course needed to pursue the degree program. “It’s been really rewarding to see the program grow so fast,” says Pezhman Jatala, program manager. “Although we started small back in 2015, offering just one session for the introductory film production course, we were pleasantly surprised to see the three sessions we put up for this fall fill up so quickly.”

When you go into the Film Production Technology Program, you’ll be getting an all-around experience, from audio and video editing to cinematography and screenwriting. “I love this program and the faculty. It is a full experience,” says Charbel Zepeda, who is currently completing his last semester.

A State-of-the-Art Curriculum

With an outstanding selection of experienced faculty, the range of courses covers pre-production, production, and post-production. “The curriculum is designed to teach everything from equipment management to editing, and anything in between,” explains Jatala, who adds that courses are constantly updated to guarantee students learn the precise skills they need.

Students are quick to admit that faculty members play a huge role in their learning experience, and make their journey through the program much easier. “As an aspiring screenwriter, my favorite class was obviously screenwriting,” says Alexa Delgado, who is enrolled in her third semester as a Film major. “But what made the class so exciting for me was professor Fink Morris, who is truly fantastic. He is as tough as nobody else, but it’s the best experience you can have. He tells you things as it is and gives you the feedback you need to make your story the strongest one you’ll read. He made my writing so much better.”

It’s All About Experience

Film program studentsBut it’s not just about academics. As in most industries today, in the field of film production,  experience, and a strong resume are crucial. Even to get your foot in the door, you are expected to have some experience. Because of this, Jatala and his team are creating opportunities for students on campus.“My goal is to provide students with opportunities within the field while they are still at school, and so I work to build relationships with employers who can provide either internships or paid positions for our students. We also hire some of the students to work in the equipment room, also known as the cage, which allows them to network and get more familiar with the equipment they use on set,” he says.

Additional work opportunities for film students include recording videos and assisting in audiovisual projects for departments within the college.

Building Highly-Skilled Graduates

To build their experience and familiarize themselves with work in the film industry, Jatala strongly encourages students to be proactive, build connections, and participate in as many sets they possibly can. For the past three years, students have competed, with supervision and guidance from the program faculty, in the 48-Hour Film Project, a festival where participants must create a short film following certain criteria. After the screening of the films, there is an award ceremony.

Broward College students have won several accolades during their participation, including Best Writing, Best Use of Character, Best Actress, and the Audience Award.

“Working in the 48-hour film contest was a tiring but huge learning experience. I was part of the screenwriting team, and it was very hard and stressful, but it taught me so much about working in film, on set, under tight deadlines. It was definitely a great contest to participate in,” said Alexa.

“When I see my students succeed at anything they do, it fills me with joy because it’s exactly what makes this the best job in the world for me,” says Jatala. “It makes me extremely proud, and I hope they continue on to great things when they graduate.”

Additional plans for the program include developing a bachelor’s degree and creating new connections for more job opportunities for current and former film students.

“If there’s anything I can wish for is that the College will expand this program to turn it into a bachelor’s degree. I would be the first student to sign up, and I know that many of my classmates would love to continue their education here as well,” says Charbel.

A degree in Film Production provides you with the tools and skills you need for creating multimedia content for many different purposes. Explore the range of career options in this and other programs of Visual & Performing Arts here.