With the new academic year now underway, many students are struggling to find ways to keep up with school.  This becomes even more challenging when balancing family and in many cases part or full-time jobs.

Broward College studentsThree fellow students share their tips for academic success and what works for them. Keep reading to learn the secrets of college life.

Take advantage of available resources  

“With the resources that Broward College offers, there’s no way to fail and no excuses,” says Chirine Yamout, a pre-veterinary major. For Chirine, using the College resources such as the Academic Success Center has helped boost her GPA and keep her grades up. “I think there should be at least one hour a week dedicated to using the resources offered at the College.”

Time management is key

“As a student, it is important to manage your time and follow a well-structured schedule,” adds Chirine. “It’s possible to have a social life and still be an A+ student if you learn to properly manage your time.” By learning to manage her time, Chirine has avoided the stress of balancing life and studying and succeeding in both.

Take necessary breaks

If you think the key to success is stressing yourself out, then you got it all wrong. Dance major Barrington Coburn explains that for him “breaks are just as important as getting work done. “The last thing you want to do as a student is exert yourself to the point. I take breaks regularly and it has helped me keep focused,” he says.

Take great notes

For Multimedia Studies major Arantxa Leon, it’s not enough to pay attention during class but you need material that you can review later on during study sessions. She explains that she learned this in her second semester and it has helped her ever since.

“I learned how to follow the classes and organize the material through my notes. That made a big difference when it was time to do study sessions. They went smoothly,” she says.

Take the time to actually meet your professor

Students usually ignore the importance of building a relationship with their professors and by the time they realize how crucial it is, it’s often too late.

“You should make sure that your professor notices you and knows who you are. When they see that you are invested in the class, they will not hesitate to give you extra help if you ask for it,” says Arantxa.

Do you have any tips of your own to share? Let us know!