Broward College is well-known for the quality of its academic programs and student success initiatives. What you may know is that the College is more than just a place to learn.  We provide a holistic approach, including comprehensive support and outreach services to the community. Among them, health services. Good health is necessary to achieve your goals and dreams. The services are offered free and in some cases at low-cost to students, faculty, and staff.  Check these out:

Mental Health Counseling

If you are dealing with any issue from low self-esteem to depression, the Henderson Student Counseling Services helps students through the Student Assistance Program (SAP.)

The SAP offers services ranging from six free visits for students, 24-hour hotline, additional visits at a low price, and more. If necessary, there is a psychiatrist on site with whom you can also meet. Henderson Counseling provides a safe, confidential and comfortable environment during your visit. You can schedule an appointment by calling 954- 424-6916.

For faculty and staff, help during difficult times is  available through the Employee Assistance Program at 1-888-371-1125. 211 Broward, also offers a 24-hour helpline to all Broward County residents.

Dental and Vision Care Clinic

A visit to a private dentist or ophthalmologist can be expensive but you don’t have to avoid them because of cost. Check out Broward College’s low-cost Dental and Vision clinics. Both are staffed by students who work with an outstanding group of clinical doctors to provide safe and satisfactory service.

The Dental Clinic, located at the Central Campus in Davie, offers services such as x-rays, simple dental cleaning, sealants, and more. The clinic is open to the public by appointment only. You can schedule your visit  by calling 954- 201-6779.

The Vision Care Clinic, located at the North Campus in Coconut Creek, offers complete visual assessment, to contact lenses exams. You can schedule an appointment Mondays and Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. by calling 954- 201-2400.

For more information about the clinics and their services, you can visit:

Other Health Resources

In addition, Student Life and the different campuses host health fairs throughout the year. Students can get free wellness checkup, HIV testing, and more. OneBlood trucks also visit the campuses often and if you donate blood, you get a free blood pressure checkup, iron count, and cholesterol screening.

Whether you are student, faculty, or staff, make sure to take advantage of these benefits and keep up with your health.