Ros Serrano was raised on a small farm in Mexico.  At age ten his parents divorced, and Ros lived with his mother. He supported them both by selling peaches at local gas stations.  By age 15, Ros was forced to leave home due to domestic abuse. He had to finish high school without family or financial support often sleeping in abandoned buildings and on rooftops. He was determined and continued to work hard despite the challenges, eventually completing high school on time

Ros Serrano

Although his dream was to become an Architect, the cost was too high, and he chose to pursue a degree in Environmental Science instead. Ros persevered and completed his coursework but was unable to afford the cost of applying for his license which is a requirement in Mexico.  

Still, Ros managed to find employment with a non-profit organization sponsored by the Mexican government/ONU in his field.  He was finally earning enough to live a comfortable life. Then, one weekend in 1997, Ros and a friend decided to visit a rural community.  While traveling, he and his friend were kidnapped and robbed. Traumatized by the experience, Ros resigned his job and moved to another part of the country. His attackers found him, and the harassment continued. Fearing for his life, Ros fled the country.

Renewed Dreams

After spending several years in Canada and then the Southwestern United States, he took a trip to Deerfield Beach. While on vacation visiting friends.  He said, “As soon as I got there, I immediately felt like I was home.”  Ros quickly moved to the area working any job he could to support himself.

 Once again, things started to look up. Then in 2014, Ros’s spouse was diagnosed with cancer.  Ros stayed home to care for him during treatment and recovery, and during that time, Ros realized life was short, and he recommitted himself to following his dreams. Fueled by a love for the Arts, he decided to pursue an Associate of Science in Graphic Design which also incorporated his passion for photography. 

The Financial Aid and work/study programs available at Broward College made Ros’s dream a reality. Although it was challenging to work full-time while studying full-time, Ros says his encouragement came from the support he received from his fellow students of all ages and nationalities.  Ros truly feels diversity is celebrated at Broward College.

 He became an employee of the College in April of 2018 as an Academic Pathway Support Specialist. While graduating this fall will be the fulfillment of one of his academic goals, Ros wants to give back to the community which has offered him such support.  He plans to transfer to FIU to pursue his bachelor’s degree.  Ros hopes to bring all he’s learned back to Broward College by someday, teaching students with similar backgrounds.  He wants them to know that no matter what adversity they face, they can overcome it and let their future, not their past, define them. 

Speaking of the future, Ros recently received notice that his U.S. citizenship ceremony is scheduled soon.

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