Elonie Georges had almost given up hope that she would one day achieve her academic goals. The single mother didn’t have the financial means to attend college and didn’t qualify for Financial Aid, grants or scholarships, but thanks to the Get REAL! (Ready for Education And Learning) Program at Broward College Elonie’s journey has a happy ending. She will be the first in her family to graduate from College when she completes her Associate of Arts degree.

Elonie GeorgesThe Haitian native who immigrated to the U.S. at a young age started her studies at the College in fall 2016 and plans to transfer to Florida Atlantic University (FAU) to pursue her bachelor’s degree.

Benefits of the Get Real! Program

Get REAL! provides financial assistance to students with challenging situations including high school dropouts, returning veterans, LGBTQ youth, and single parents. Participants must be highly motivated students working to complete their program in two years or less.

For the mother-of-three, being a recipient for the grant was life-changing. In addition to tuition assistance, the program provided help with books, transportation costs, and professional clothing. Recipients of the Get REAL scholarship also enjoy personal counseling, professional mentoring, and job placement assistance.

“A lot of people don’t know that initiatives like this exist. This program is an excellent resource for youth to attend college because a lot of them are in the situation where they have to choose between school and work,” says Elonie. “If they knew there of programs that pay fifty to one hundred percent of their degree, I feel like a lot of students would choose to continue their education.”

Working at Broward College

As part of the program, Elonie has been working at the College for the past year and a half as a work-study. Thanks to her work ethic, she was recently hired part-time in the Business Affairs department.

The 27-year-old is thankful for the opportunities provided by the program. “Get REAL ensures you can get into different fields and offers the possibility to secure a job after graduation,” she says.

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For more information about Get REAL!, contact Olivia Sarson at osarson@broward.edu or call (954) 201-7027.