Careers in Information Technology are hotter than ever! The trend is increasing with continued developments in technology and software. Businesses in the region are in need of experts and students can take advantage of this growing demand with two new degrees in Information Technology offered at Broward College.

The BAS in Technology Management with specializations in Tech Management or Big Data, and BAS in Information Technology with specializations in Project Management, Cyber Network Security, Cisco Networking, Microsoft Networking, and Web Development. Both are in-demand fields that offer great career and earning potential.


Affordability is usually a major concern for many students who consider pursuing a bachelor’s degree. At Broward College, students can complete the 60-credit requirement for their bachelor’s degree at a fraction of what it costs at a state university. View our tuition rates here.

Choose your pace

BC male studentBoth degrees offer students the option to study at their preferred speed. An accelerated pace is available for students to obtain their degree in as little as one year. These are 8-week courses that focus heavily on skill-building. Students can take up to 9 credits at a time, which translates into 18 credits per 16-week semester. But Myers warns that this option may not be right for everybody.

“Students who choose to take the accelerated pace option are expected to already have some kind of experience in IT. They also need to be self-driven to be successful,” she says. “These students must have strong time management skills so they don’t fall behind.”

Another option for students with previous experience in the field is to apply for credit for prior learning. Basically, students will demonstrate that they meet the outcome objectives of any particular course to earn the credits for that course. This must be certified by their previous or current employer and will then be reviewed by the associate dean and the program managers.

The College also offers competency-based learning for students who prefer to complete the class materials through independent study. Students in this path must take unit evaluations to demonstrate their knowledge of the material. This is a great option for students that look for flexibility in their schedule and that want to take their classes at their own pace. However, just as the accelerated pace option, students in this path must be self-driven and with strong time management skills.

Employers are waiting to hire you

The greatest advantage for Broward College graduates is that the programs have been built from the feedback given by employers in the industry. Over the past few years, the College has partnered with local employers that are aware of the certifications and learning outcomes of the courses offered. Employers such as The City of Fort Lauderdale, Wheelhouse IT, Citrix, among others have been hiring Broward College students even before they graduate.

“Our students always stand out as a better value because of all the certifications embedded within their degree,” explains Myers.

Learn more about the BAS in Technology Management and Information Technology.

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