Hey there Seahawk! Last month, we provided you with a guide to all the places students should know on our A. Hugh Adams Central Campus. Settle in for another virtual campus tour. This time, we invite you to get familiar with our North Campus, located in Coconut Creek.

Student Life

Building 46, North CampusThe hub of Student Life on North Campus is building 46. You will find most of your peers hanging out at the cafeteria, the coffee house next to it, or the open space in front of the building. Most Student Life events also take place in this area, so whenever you’re on campus, make sure to pass by.

If you are interested in entertainment and culture, a popular location to check out is the Omni Auditorium, a multi-purpose facility that seats up to 2,000 people.  The Auditorium often features musical shows and community functions, including performances from students in the music, dance, and theatre programs. 

Popular Programs and Initiatives

While you can enroll in classes for any program at any campus, certain programs may be exclusive to a particular campus. At North campus, the most popular are Environmental Science, Teacher Education, and Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Given the popularity of the Environmental Science program, it is only logical that the campus is also home to the Dr. Peggy Green Sustainability Institute. The Institute is an initiative launched by the College in 2011 and dedicated to Dr. Peggy Green, a faculty member, and advocate of sustainability efforts, and is located in building 51.

Campus Services

North Campus offers unique services that benefit students, employees, and the community. One such service is the  Vision Clinic. Located in building 41, also known as the Health Sciences building, the Vision Clinic is staffed with students who are supervised by clinic doctors to provide safe and quality eye care at a lower cost to the public.

The Early Childhood Laboratory School in building 63 opened its doors in January 2014 to provide high quality and affordable hands-on learning to children aged one to five years old.

It is the first and only dual-purpose public laboratory school in Broward County, providing firsthand training for college students enrolled in Early Childhood Education degree programs.

Check out these and other popular locations and more.

Broward College serves more than 63,000 students annually and currently has 11 locations across Broward county. Don’t miss out on having a full college experience.