Technology dominates almost every area of our lives, from paying bills, household chores, ordering food, to communicating with friends and family across the world. It’s only logical that this is one of the fastest-growing industries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates a 13 percent increase through 2026, which equals to over half a million new jobs.

Even with this demand for new Information Technology (IT) professionals, not everyone trained in the field will be hired.

Broward College knows how crucial it is to equip students with the skills necessary to give them an advantage over other candidates with similar qualifications. In its latest effort to offer the latest training, the College has partnered with Wyncode , an award-winning organization that provides web development training to hundreds of companies and individuals since 2014.

New Partnership Refreshes Program

BC male studentAs a result of the partnership, the College will this fall integrate five new courses into its bachelor degree in Information Technology Web Development specialization. Wyncode will offer support through its training providing hands-on experience focused on industry-related hard skills.

“When the opportunity to work with Broward College, which has over 60,000 undergraduate students, came up, we were extremely excited. We are looking forward to Broward College students accessing Wyncode’s award-winning curriculum and learning the skills that today’s technology companies are looking for,” said Juha Mikkola, co-founder, and CEO of Wyncode.

Wyncode will work in conjunction with Labcode, a company that offers access to coding camps in South Florida to middle school, high school, and college students. Together, they will assist with workshops and boot camps to students enrolled in select Broward College web development courses. The hands-on workshops will be available to approximately 15-30 students per semester, and they will earn 15 of the 27 specializations credits required for the IT Web Development bachelor’s degree.

Registration for the program is still open. For more information, click here or contact  Mitch McBee, associate dean, Information Technology at or (954) 201-7978.

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