Technology for the environment: IT graduate uses her degree to help the green cause

July 16, 2018 | More People

With growing concerns about the need to reduce the impact of population growth and development on the environment and preserve natural resources, more entrepreneurs are developing businesses that are eco-friendly. Tangy Frederick, a Broward College Information Technology graduate, has followed this path, creating her own company and putting her knowledge to good use by finding ways to help the environment. Tangy graduated with an A.S. degree in Software Development in May 2018.

Finding her calling

Tangy always had an interest in Information Technology thanks to her parents, who encouraged her and her brothers at an early age to use computers and other digital devices.

“Electronics were always around the house and using them was like second nature. I was always making go-karts with my friends and working on all types of devices,” Frederick explains. “I also taught myself how to build websites and would practice making websites for myself and some clients.”

She admits that she fell in love with IT because it allows her to be creative and develop programs from basically any idea.

 Tangy Frederick

Improving her skills

During her time as a student, Tangy demonstrated her passion for IT by finding new ways to gain experience and improve her skills. She would create apps during her free time and work as a freelancer for companies such as the Urban League of Broward County. Tangy also participated in two BC Hackathons both of which she won.

“Thanks to the Hackathons I learned a lot about teamwork and time management. Now I would like to go back as a mentor to help other students during such a fantastic experience,” she says.


Creating her own business and supporting  the environment

Early in 2018, Tangy founded her own company called Cre8tive Devs Software. She works as a software engineer and currently has a staff of 10 people that include developers, software engineers, and project managers. The company focuses on designing and programming software, websites, mobile apps, and more for start-ups and small businesses.

“I decided to start a company like this one because I wanted to put my skills to good use. I wanted to help people that are starting their own projects and businesses and I figured this would be a win-win situation for everyone,” she says. “Through my company, I’m also giving back to Broward College, by hiring mostly BC Alumni.”

Tangy Frederick and Hackathon team

Tangy Frederick (second on the right) during the 2017 BC Hackathon

Tangy is currently participating in the Startup NOW Accelerator program of the Innovation Hub. Through this program students and alumni learn how to develop their innovative ideas into a successful business. The program is free for qualifying participants.

In addition to helping startups, she focuses a lot of her time on following her desire to help the environment. She uses her skills to create programs that help and promotes environmentally-conscious businesses and/or activities.

“My number one goal is to be one of the top software companies that build technology for socially responsible and eco-conscious business and causes,” she explains.

Currently, Tangy is working on a mobile app that helps mitigate the amount of pollution that is sent to landfills. She intends to develop environmentally-friendly apps on a regular basis.

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