Student organization DECA breaks records at state competition

March 1, 2018 | News

Broward College DECA continues to break its own performance record in the state competition. Recently, representatives of the North Campus DECA chapter placed in the top 10 in all events in which they competed. Their performance qualifies them for the international competition in Washington, D.C., in April.

Bernard Durandisse and Yazmin Avila won first place for Retail Management and third place for Event Planning.

The team faced competition from more than 20 chapters and 230 students from across the state including Florida International University, Florida State University and the University of Florida. 

The team competed in 12 events, placing in the top 10 in 11 of them. The Broward College DECA North Campus chapter also broke their own record for the number of awards collected at a single competition. They earned nine prizes including First, Second, and Third place in several events. Participants were required to take knowledge-based tests and present in front of a judging panel for 15 to 20 minutes. The judges praised Broward College students for their excellent written and oral presentation skills and commended their critical thinking and deep knowledge of the content in the respective fields.

Bernard Durandisse earned First place as an individual participant in Retail Management and Nekita Burnett and Luigh Joseph earned First place as a team in Business Ethics.

“I was elated to find out that we had won First place in Business Ethics. It was phenomenal because I competed and gave it my best despite being sick, it was definitely a dream come true,” said Burnett.

Other winners were:

  • Advertising Campaign: Marsha Sainthilaire—Second in State
  • Entrepreneurship: Marsha Sainthilaire—Third in State
  • International Business: Karla Siberian and Karina Franco (team)—Third in State
  • Event Planning: Karla Sibirian and Karina Franco (team)—Third in State
  • Travel & Tourism: Yazmin Avila—Third in State
  • Sports & Entertainment: Yazmin Avila & Bernard Durandisse  (team)—Third in State
  • Hotel & Lodging: Victor Hoyos—Third in State
  • Restaurant & Food Service: Victor Hoyos—Fourth in State, and
  • Andres Predoom—Eighth in State
  • Marketing Management: Andres Perdomo—Ninth in State

Luigh Joseph won First place in Business Ethics with Nekita Burnett

“Broward College faculty and administration should be proud,” said Gross. “The goodness of how we do [in competitions] reflects how students are taught across the Broward College.”

DECA is an international student organization that prepares leaders in many fields including marketing, business management, hospitality and more. Students from any major can join.

Benefits include training in critical thinking, analysis, and presentation skills.

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