Greg Haile is the seventh president of the College. Haile who took office on July 1 was selected by the Broward College Board of Trustees in May. Haile is the former General Counsel and Vice President for Public Policy and Government Affairs at the College since 2011.  

BC President Greg HaileHe is a first-generation college graduate who received his undergraduate degree from Arizona State University and his Juris Doctor from Columbia University School of Law. In addition to his experience as General Counsel, Haile has also taught at Harvard, Miami Dade College and Broward College. Haile is a strong advocate for education and improving the local community.

Focusing on community

The Board cited Haile’s knowledge of the institution and the community as one of the main factors for his selection. Haile is eager for the opportunity to work on improving the Broward County community by strengthening the College’s outreach to the most underserved citizens.

“I know that there are still many communities in Broward County that are not benefitting from our existence,” says Haile. “This organization has done tremendous things and we continue to grow every day but I know that there are still cities with double-digit unemployment and many communities that don’t believe college is available to them and I consider that a major concern of mine and priority to address.”

Haile plans to tackle this by creating a strong campaign for education within the community. He understands that to change the misconception that college is unachievable for the local youth, the initial effort must be to engage parents as the main communicators to the youth that college is a natural continuation of a person’s educational journey.

“I want to make sure that every corner of our county knows that we exist to provide them with an opportunity to have a great life.”

Improving student success

As a first-generation student who grew up in Jamaica, Queens, New York, a neighborhood overwhelmed with violence and drugs, Haile understands very well the many challenges students may face on a day-to-day basis, especially in tough communities.

“We have to play a role in helping our students understand that, notwithstanding anything that they’ve dealt with in their past or deal with on a day-to-day basis, they have the capacity to be great at this institution and beyond,” explains Haile. “Sometimes we have challenges that can interrupt our ability to be successful and part of what every student has the capacity to do is navigate beyond that to achieve their maximum potential.”

Additionally, Haile will engage in conversations with the student body to understand their concerns and needs.

“I’m looking for the opportunities to join the faculty in their classrooms and listen to the students, sitting with our students in the dining hall and listening. Listening is critical for me to learn and understand what I need to do to make improvements,” Haile explains.

Part of his plan to improve and guarantee student success is to continue to provide a strong support to college initiatives such as the Minority Male Initiative. These initiatives work to close the achievement gaps in the student body.