Have you realized that you have a passion for education after a pursuing a career in another field? If you already hold a bachelor’s degree or higher in any field, you can train to become a certified teacher in the state of Florida through the Educator Preparation Institute (EPI).

Professor and students in the classroomThe EPI is a fully-online, 21-credit program that can be completed at your own pace. After completion, you will receive a Professional Certificate in Teaching awarded by the State of Florida.

“This program is a great option for those looking for a career change that allows them to have more flexible schedules,” explains Elizabeth Molina, interim associate dean of Academic Affairs. “We tend to receive people from fields such as accounting, engineering, and business management that are looking for a career that gives them more time to dedicate to their families.”

The expected national growth for K-12 educators is an average of eight percent through 2026, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. In Florida, teachers specializing in critical shortage areas such as mathematics, science, and foreign languages are in high demand.  

Requirements and Application Process

Prospective students must meet certain criteria before registering for the program. First, individuals must apply with the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) for a Statement of Eligibility (SOE). Applicants must submit their official transcripts to the FLDOE.

Next, after obtaining the SOE, individuals must complete both the general Broward College application and EPI application. They must request official transcripts from all institutions they have attended and submit them in a sealed envelope to Broward College Registrar’s Office. Applicants must schedule an admission meeting with the EPI faculty for final approval.

What to expect

To complete the program, students are required to successfully pass the seven courses with a grade of C or above, maintain an overall GPA of 2.5, complete 15 hours of field work, and pass the Florida Teacher Certification Exams, which includes General Knowledge, Subject Area, and Professional Education Exams. Lastly, students will be required to submit a program portfolio to be approved by the EPI faculty.

Students can complete the program in two semesters if they enroll full-time.

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