At Broward College, we value our faculty and provide them with the opportunity to grow and expand their careers. Francesca Marinaro and Lucas Harriman, two English professors at the A. Hugh Adams Central Campus, started their career at the College as adjuncts, now, they are full-time faculty. They were eager to share their story with us.

Francesca Marinaro

Francesca joined the  Broward College family as an adjunct in 2015, and two years ago she was hired as a full-time assistant professor in the English Department.

Francesca Marinaro“I spent a lot of time teaching when I was in graduate school at the University of Florida, and the more time I spent at a large institution, the more I realized that I wanted my teaching focus to be more on students and the teaching environment rather than the research environment,” she says.

Francesca found at Broward College a group of compassionate colleagues, a diverse student body and the opportunity to have a lot of interaction with her students, which she says were the reason behind her decision to stay at the College.

“I think that what I enjoy the most is the fact that it’s always so clear that the College really cares about the students, that our focus is on making sure that they are successful in their communities and their careers,” she says. “I have always found it wonderful that the College is so focused on making sure that students always have access to the resources that they need.”

As full-time faculty, Francesca enjoys the opportunity to build a closer relationship with her students and learning about the difficulties and challenges they face outside the classroom so she can help them as much as possible inside of it.

Lucas Harriman

Lucas’ love for reading eventually led him away from engineering, the major he first pursued in College, to his true passion of English. That led him to teach  at the College level.

Lucas Harriman“I never saw myself as a teacher before as I was going through my degrees,” he says. “I just loved to read and that’s how I ended up in English. Once I went back to graduate school, I started teaching my first class back in 2003 at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and I just loved the energy.”

He first taught at Broward College back in 2006 as a part time, he came back to stay in 2016. He started off againas an adjunct teaching four classes, and after a year he was hired as a full-time temp. As a temporary full-time, he applied to become permanent and ended up being selected for the position in 2017.

“All across the board in my classes I see a drive to succeed, they really see this educational step as an important step in their forward mobility,” he says. And that, Lucas says, is his favorite thing about  Broward College. “Students want what the school has to offer them, they have the desire to learn and that makes it encouraging for me because it makes me feel the job of teaching is actually fulfilling and necessary.”

Francesca and Lucas have joined a group of outstanding full-time and part-time faculty at Broward College that serves a diverse group of over 60,000 students.

While their desire to teach is driven by their passion to see students succeed, both agree that Broward College has excellent career opportunities.  We know there are many more success stories from our faculty and we want to hear from you.

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