You have been great at keeping up with your school work and grades, and now your most stressful challenge is here – finals week. Broward College provides resources such as its Academic Success Centers (ASC) to help you ace your tests. For the next few weeks, the ASC on each campus will offer extended hours through December 9.

However, if you prefer to study on your own, here are some helpful tips to help you excel.

Don’t miss your review session

It’s customary for professors to offer at least one review session before finals. It’s crucial that you attend this class because it’s your last chance to get answers to the questions you may have. The suggestion is that you at least review the semester’s material before this session, so you have the information and questions fresh in your mind.

Focus on yourself

Broward College studentYou may not believe it, but there is no more critical time to take care of yourself than now. Pulling all-nighters and filling yourself with caffeine is the worst approach to take when studying. If you want to understand and learn the material effectively, you must eat correctly, make sure you get good sleep, and exercise. Your brain won’t focus and work to the best of its ability if you deny it a healthy atmosphere.

Prioritize your classes

If you’re a full-time student, you probably have four or five classes, and you and one or two subjects that are especially challenging for you. In that case, you must prioritize and dedicate more time to the topics in those classes that you find difficult. Make sure to allow for more time for those subjects and focus on them first.

Organization is key

It’s never too late to be organized. Even if you haven’t practiced this throughout the semester, there’s still time for you to structure your class material. You can classify your notes according to the probability of that topic being on the test. After you arrange them, it will make it easier for you to take in a semester’s worth of information in just a few study sessions.

Breaks are necessary

Taking breaks is okay. There’s only so much information your brain can process. Giving it a rest will help you reboot. Taking 10 to 15 minutes break every hour or so, will not only give your mind the appropriate rest but also keep you from becoming overwhelmed.

Remember, you’ve got this!

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