When talking about second chances, Broward College student Kari Casteneda can tell you that she has had many, especially as it relates to college. And now, all her hard work is about to culminate with the milestone every student aspires to reach: graduation. To celebrate this achievement, Kari has decided to share the news with her father in the most heartwarming, and surprising, way.

Second chances

Kari CastanedaThe 29-year-old started her higher education journey in 2007, but at a young age, she was still unsure of what she wanted to do. After changing majors several times, Kari finally threw in the towel and returned home to South Florida, where she completed her associate of arts degree at Broward College almost four years later. She went on to secure a good job, but her dad was disappointed that she didn’t go on to complete a bachelor’s degree. He had graduated college with an associate degree and his dream was for his daughter to achieve more than he did.

Broward College offers the pathway to a dream

In January 2018, Kari decided to return to Broward College to finish her bachelor’s degree in Business Supervision and Management, the same place that had previously provided her with academic support. With help from her advisor, she decided to pursue a degree in supervision and management, concentrating on human resource management.

As her dreams to graduate started to become a reality, Kari approached her mom with the news. However, she also asked her mom not to tell her dad, as he had been disappointed each time she would enroll and then stop. After several months of intense studying and arduous work, on December 13, three days before her 30th birthday, Kari will complete her bachelor’s.

This morning before her graduation, she plans to go to her dad’s home wearing her cap and gown, surprising him with the achievement he has always hoped she would realize.

“It’s amazing how everything worked out the way it needed to when it needed to,” said Kari. “Thanks to Broward College.”