William E. Greene Scholarship Offers Student a Life Changing Experience

December 5, 2016 | News

190054905947224-3zpna1pi6s9qx0h6sa1o_height640Amber Addison is currently having the experience of a lifetime.

The 20-year-old is studying abroad in Seville, Spain this term, as the 38th recipient of the Broward College Greene International Education Institute William E. Greene Scholarship. The scholarship, part of the studying abroad academic program, offers Broward College students the opportunity to travel the world while earning credit toward their degree.

Amber arrived on September 20 and started documenting her trip through a journal. She shared with us her first entry:

“Ten hours. Who knew ten hours spent [applying for the William E. Greene Scholarship] could change a life? As I travel to Seville, I think to myself, ‘This is it. Once I get off this plane anything is possible.’ At first, the thought of living in a country with a whole different language, culture and geography was terrifying. Questions like, ‘What if I get lost?’, or ‘What if I will never be able to understand the language?’ ran through my mind. But then I thought, ‘What if I have the best time and if I am able to learn a new language?’

It has been quite a mental experience for me already, without even being in Spain yet. But, as my favorite quote states, ‘The decision to 190054905947230-epwvaoo9obm82xrcpoyx_height640act was, in itself, the beginning of the journey.’ And, my decision to compete for the William E. Greene Scholarship truly was the beginning of my journey.

Broward College has been a wonderful support after deciding that I was fit to take part in the study abroad program. Not only did they plan everything for me, but also made sure I was mentally prepared for my trip: from what to pack, to where to eat, they went through it all. I didn’t feel once that I was just being thrown into a foreign country without any guide or information. My advisors have been a huge support for me, and now I feel as if I am truly ready to become a ‘Sevillana.’ My friends and family will be truly missed, but the new friends I will gain will be greatly welcomed. I can truly say those ten hours of writing two essays and preparing myself to interview for this scholarship were indeed worth every second of my time.”

Thanks to the scholarship, Amber is attending the International College of Seville, is fully immersed in the Spanish culture, and is learning a language that will brighten her path to becoming a teacher.

190054905947228-snrejrrizneslrrsex9i_height640The William E. Greene Scholarship for semester study abroad is named after the founding director of Broward College’s Greene International Education Institute. For 26 years, Dr. Greene worked to establish numerous affiliations and agreements with global institutions, establishing Broward College as a leader in international education. Funds are made available from the money generated through these programs.

The scholarship offers the option of studying in Spain, Peru or Ecuador. Applications for Spring 2017 are available online. To learn more visit:


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