Volunteers Make a Fiscal Impact in our Community

August 21, 2015 | More People

Broward College no longer includes “Community” as part of its name, but still has a solid and unwavering focus on the communities it serves. The college’s commitment to volunteer community service has been in place for many years and college employees serve their communities in a wide variety of ways. Some sit on boards of trustees, advisory committees and governing councils of a variety of community agencies; others choose to do their service at the grassroots level, making a personal difference in the lives of people who need help most.

Giving Breakdown InfographicIn January, the college launched an employee volunteer program to recognize and highlight employees active in charity and professional organizations. Volunteerism is an important aspect of the culture at any great organizations, as it improves employee retention and improves relationships with customers. Broward College’s customers are its students, part of a generation that grew up volunteering. Two decades ago, in fact, Broward College was one of the nation’s pioneer colleges offering service learning opportunities and was hailed as a national leader in the program.

In January to June of 2015, a total of 136 Broward College employees logged their hours spent volunteering at 589 organizations, donating 2,390 hours of their time for the betterment of their communities. Those efforts had an overall fiscal impact of $957,926.00 to the South Florida area.

Those college volunteers were recognized for their dedication and effort with certificates of appreciation at the annual Faculty Welcome Back Marketplace event on August 20, 2015 at the Omni Auditorium on our North Campus.

The initiative’s organizers know that those 136 employees aren’t the only college employees active in their communities, serving on boards, coaching youth sports teams, serving as mentors, cleaning up the beaches and helping make their communities better in many other ways. If you volunteer in the community on behalf of Broward College or for your favorite charity, please track your hours here.



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