Resources to Help You Stay Strong all Semester Long

November 8, 2016 | More Tips

You’ve finally gotten through the registration process and it’s time to figure out how to make this semester a success. In addition to our 10 Back to School Tips, we’ve also put together a list of five on-campus resources that will help aid in your success.Girl with school folders

1.    Academic Success Centers
The Academic Success Centers, or ASCs, are located at the North, Central, and South campuses. Each ASC offers a range of support services, such as study groups, academic support labs, and professional tutoring, as well as online tutoring 24/7 through With collaborative project spaces, textbook reserves, graphic calculators, and an open computer center with printers, ASCs provide the perfect place to work on assignments, whether alone or with friends.

2.    Campus Libraries
Broward College students have access to seven libraries across all campuses. Each library offers an endless supply of information from printed books and eBooks, to music and video streaming.  Whether you need scholarly articles for a research paper, free tutoring to reinforce what you learned in class, access to a computer, or a quiet study area to prepare for a test the library’s there for you. Library opening hours vary by location and days but access to library resources are available online from your personal computer at home. All you need is your ID and password.

3.    Career Centers
Learning about your career path is usually a great motivation to do well. The Career Center provides valuable services to help you reach your goals; career assessment, career exploration, job readiness tools, resources, internship and job placement assistance. If you aren’t clear on what career path you want to pursue, make an appointment to see a career coach and begin pursuing your options.

4.    Online Training Library
Be a step ahead with free technical training that prepares you for the job market or enhances your professional skills. The online learning tutorials offered through is free to all Broward College students. If you’re interested in learning more about Microsoft Office programs to assist you in completing assignments and presentations, or training that will assist in your specific courses, the site offers a host of tutorials. Simply click on the online tutorial under student resources and submit your BC email. The registration process takes just 10 seconds!

5.    Student Life
No semester can be complete without taking the time to get involved in student activities and relax with your peers. Balance is important! The Student Life centers offer great opportunities to volunteer, join a club, play a sport, access student discounts and participate in student led initiatives.

So now you have all the main resources. The list is not exhaustive, there are other services and resources available for you from health, counseling and safety, to bookstores and testing centers, among others. Just click on the Student Resources tab on the main page.

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