What is Supply Chain Management and Why Should I Major in It?

October 7, 2014 | Did You Know

Look at the computer in front of you. How did it get there? How did the metal, plastic and glass become circuit boards, keys, screens and memory chips — even the operating system and software — come together as one and find its way to you? The answer? Supply chain management.

Supply chain management coordinates the process of turning raw materials into finished goods, then delivering them to end-users. Though commonly applied to the manufacturing and delivery of tangible products, these skills also relate to services, as well as medical aid and disaster relief efforts.

Why Major in Supply Chain Management?

 Though supply chains may be complicated, the reasons to major in supply chain management aren’t.

1.    Growing demand: As the global marketplace expands and business systems become more sophisticated, there’s an increased need for professionals to manage these complex procedures. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth for supply chain managers is 22 percent by 2022— much higher than average — and will add 27,600 new jobs.

2.    High pay: The median salary for a supply chain manager in the United States is $ 72,780. Supply chain management careers also tend to offer great benefits and bonuses.

3.    Versatility: Companies across a spectrum of industries actively seek applicants with supply chain management backgrounds. Tech giants like Apple, Amazon, and Intel, consumer goods behemoths like P&G, Johnson & Johnson, and Colgate-Palmolive, and even retail-clothiers like H&M and fast food chains like McDonalds depend on well-educated, skilled personal to ensure their supply chain runs smoothly. Even the Red Cross and Habitats for Humanity require supply chain management to successfully carry out their missions.

 What’s the Future of Supply Chain Management in Florida?

Already accounting for 1.7 million jobs in Florida, nearly 22% of the state’s employment, the future for supply chain mangers looks bright. Companies like U.S. Foods, Titan America and Cargill (all three are industry partners of the Broard College supply chain management program) as well as Office Depot, Carnival Cruise Lines and Baptist Health South Florida are frequently seeking applicants with supply chain management skills and knowledge.

South Florida’s strategic geographic advantage makes it a thriving hub of global trade. With deep-water ports such as the Port of Miami and Port Everglades, along with Miami International Airport, the 4th largest cargo volume airport in the world, there are plenty of opportunities for those with backgrounds in supply chain management.

How do I get a Degree in Supply Chain Management?

With Broward College, a B.A.S. in Supply Chain Management has never been more accessible. As one of four bachelors degrees being offered for $10,000, you can get the education you need to get ahead in life, without taking on enormous amounts of debt.

The program takes a learner-centered practical approach to understanding global logistics and supply chain management. Classes include everything from budgeting and quality control to inventory control and transportation.

If you’d like a great paying and exciting career, and want more information on the B.A.S. in Supply Chain Management program, click here or watch the video below.

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