Student Counseling Services at No Charge

November 9, 2016 | Did You Know

Unhappy and lonely young man in front of a wall. He sits on a chair and thinks alone under blue light. Negative human expression.Broward College provides psychological and psychiatric counseling services to its students at no charge.  These services can help you with a variety of life issues where additional support and guidance may be needed.   If at any time you have concerns about relationships, family, stress, body image, drug and alcohol abuse, anxiety, depression, violent or suicidal thoughts, sexual assault, or just want to talk to someone, this service is available to you.  NO REFERRAL is needed from anyone at Broward College.  These services are provided by Henderson Student Counseling, which is a local, nationally accredited provider that is conveniently located in a comfortable environment where you can explore any of these concerns and speak to a professionally trained and licensed counselor.

Enrolled students who use these services are eligible for up to six free counseling sessions.  After the initial 6 visits, additional counseling sessions are priced at your ability to pay.  Henderson also accepts and can bill your insurance company for these services as well.  Equally important, your counseling sessions are confidential according to Federal and State privacy laws. 

 You can call anytime to speak to someone at 954-424-6916.  To request a call back you may email them with your contact information at but please note that this email communication is not answered by clinical personnel.  Support is available by phone 24 hours/7 days per week.  The College does not need to know that you are or will use these services during your enrollment.  Simply supply your name and student ID over the phone.  Help is a phone call away.  For more information, visit the Broward College Student Mental Health Counseling website.


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