In the constant search to bring innovation and new technologies to the classroom, Broward College is partnering with Magic Leap, the leader in spatial computing, to launch one of the first spatial computing degree programs in the country. Courses will start during the 2019-2020 academic year.

“This is an incredible opportunity for our students and our community,” says Broward College President Gregory Adam Haile, Esq. “It’s not only an exciting career path, but it will allow us to build on our innovative approach to education as our faculty take immersive learning to new heights.”

The Exciting Era of Spatial Computing

Magic Leap One wearable deviceHave you ever wondered what it would be like to have a dinosaur in your living room? With Magic Leap One, you can now live the experience. Spatial computing combines virtual and augmented reality using the space we are in, relying on the software rather than the hardware.

Magic Leap, has developed Magic Leap One – a personal device that includes a pair of glasses, a small wireless engine, and a mission control that work together to bring the digital world to our physical space. With this technology, anything in the digital world is adapted to the physical space, and the user will believe that everything they are seeing and hearing is real.

Bringing Spatial Computing to the Classroom

Spatial computing is used in a variety of fields. It can be applied to create digital worlds and adventures for Virtual Reality (VR) experiences such as Pokemon GO!, or allow creators and programmers to develop applications and software using the space around them.

It’s easy to think that this technology is mostly for entertainment purposes, but the use of the application in education is promising. By partnering with schools and higher education institutions, the use of this technology will break barriers for students and faculty. Rather than reading and looking at pictures on a book, they can now interact and experiment with the objects and transform their classroom into an interactive lab.

Cutting-edge Technology at Broward College

The partnership will provide many benefits to students, faculty, and staff. Broward College will have access to Magic Leap’s spatial computing platform and its pool of highly skilled professionals. Additionally, the College will create s spatial computing lab on the A. Hugh Adams Central campus in Davie.

Through the partnership the College has the opportunity to provide its personnel with industry experience and, with help from the Magic Leap Education Team, they will engage Broward UP™ communities and local high schools throughout the year to provide demonstrations, support hackathons, and highlight the opportunities for cutting-edge education at Broward College.

The initial participating technician training programs are Computer Science, Aviation Maintenance, Dental Hygiene, and Marine Mechanics. Spatial computing will also be available for Workforce & Continuing Education, Supply Chain Management, and Nursing.

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