Students pursuing a degree in Social Behavioral Sciences & Human Services (SBSHS) probably know that the pathway is all about human behavior, its relation to society, and what people can do to help others. If students are curious about humans, their behavior, their past, and evolution, then look no further. Students can find the answers when they pursue a degree in any of the career opportunities within the SBSHS pathway.

Choose Broward College

SBSHS pathway
SBSHS students during a soft skills training session

When students begin their flight as Seahawks at Broward College, they will find faculty and staff determined to help them along the way toward graduation. The SBSHS pathway is mainly focused on providing students with valuable resources to complement what they learned in the classroom.

“It’s not only about the material students learn in the classroom,” says Lulrick Balzora, dean of Academic Affairs for the SBSHS pathway. “We understand it’s important to also train our students with certain skills that are in high demand in today’s workforce, such as soft skills.”

In response, the pathway has created weekly training, called the Professional Enhancement Program (PEP), that takes place every semester. PEP focuses mostly on teaching soft skills, such as communication, teamwork, time management, and emotional intelligence.

These Rewarding Careers Await

There are 13 different fields within the pathway at Broward College that can lead  to immediate employment after completion of the program. Students can also continue their education at a four-year university. Students earn Associate of Arts degrees in Anthropology, Geography, History, International Relations, Latin American Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Social Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, and Women’s Studies. Students can also obtain Associate of Science degrees in Human Services or Geographic Information Systems.

Several of these fields, including Psychology, Political Science, Geography, and Sociology may lead to highly-paid careers, with annual salaries ranging between $79,010 and $117,570 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Jobs for Social Workers and Psychologists are in high demand. Both fields have faster-than-average job growth expected through 2026, at 14 and 16 percent, respectively.

Broward College is continuously ranked among the top community colleges in the nation and provides world-class education for an affordable price. Learn more about career opportunities in SBSHS and seven other pathways here.