Smart Eating Choices On the Go

November 25, 2013 | More Tips



College life often means eating on the go while managing a busy schedule. Fast food may be tempting, but bad nutrition can catch up with your health and even negatively affect your learning. While that drive-thru might seem convenient there are plenty of ways to get quick and healthy meals on the go. Our dining services offer various quick and easy options including salads, rice bowls and low-fat sandwiches. We recently added Subway to our dining lineup, offering several “fresh-fit” choices.

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Salad in a jar

It’s also smart idea to keep to a meal plan. There are a multitude of apps and websites that allow you to track your daily calories and plan out your shopping, meals and more. Having a bird’s eye view of your consumption really helps manage weight, monitor eating habits and map out planning. Sure, an occasional donut at our campus Dunkin’ Donuts won’t tip the scale, but keeping track is essential.

In between meals, keep your bag stacked with healthy snacks to refuel in between classes and avoid a potential bad food binge. Here are some healthy choices:

-Granola bars
-Fresh or dried fruit
-Variety of nuts (be mindful of the sodium content and other additives)
-Green smoothies

Check out our Pinterest board for other ideas on quick and healthy meals that are great on the go:

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