The Similarity between Broward College and The Olympics – International Melting Pots

August 11, 2016 | Did You Know

Flags of countries of participants of the Winter Olympic games 2014 yearFor the next two weeks all eyes will be fixed on the more than 11,000 athletes who are competing in the Olympic 2016 Games in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The Games, which started on August 5, will conclude on August 21. Described as the single largest platform of cultural and national diversity, the Olympic Games are unique in that they bring together over 200 countries from around the globe to compete and celebrate athletic achievements in multiple events.


Broward College also has its own reputation of being a melting pot of cultural and national diversity. Our records show that our students come from 49 countries, and this number doesn’t even include some of our study abroad locations. It’s this kind of diversity that makes the College, like the Olympic Games, so extraordinary.

The US team has proved its mastery in gymnastics, swimming, athletics, tennis, badminton, basketball, boxing, cycling, fencing and so much more; but what makes some of these other countries we hear about such great competitors? To find out, we put together a brief Olympic profile from the top five countries that Broward College international students come from:

Brazil, the host country, is well known for its prowess in soccer. The country has won the World Cup five times, more than any country, but it has never won the coveted Olympic title. With all the excitement about soccer, we bet you didn’t know that Brazil has earned most of its Olympic medals in sailing. The country’s Olympians also have done well in beach volley ball, athletics, judo, shooting and equestrian.

Like many other Latin American countries, Colombia has made a name for itself in soccer. With big names such as striker Miguel Borja, the country also is a force to reckon with for the Olympic gold.

Cuba does extremely well in baseball, however, what most people don’t know is that their best event in the Olympic Games is boxing. Cuba has won 67 Olympic medals including 34 gold, 19 silver and 14 bronze in boxing alone. Their greatest Olympians Teófilo Stevenson Lawrence and Félix Savón have both won three gold medals in the event. Here’s another important fact: Cuba holds the fifth highest number of medals among the countries who have never hosted the Games.

Jamaica has risen to dominance in athletics, particularly track and field. Most of its Olympic victories have come in sprinting events such as the men and women’s 100, 200 and 400 meter races. Of the 67 medals Jamaica has earned in the Summer Olympics, only one has come from another sport, a bronze medal in cycling.

Venezuela, like Cuba, excels at baseball, with many players currently starring in American Major League Baseball clubs. Boxing has proved to be the most successful competition for the country, with a total of five medals. Other events at which Venezuelan athletes have won medals recently include Taekwondo, weightlifting and fencing.

Over the next few weeks as you decide which events you want to see, consider cheering for those nations which have contributed to making this event, our country and Broward College so great.

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