New Technology-Focused Degree Programs to Meet Local Workforce Demand

August 12, 2015 | News

Broward College Online, the College’s virtual campus which offers some of the most affordable degrees in South Florida, is introducing two new associate degree programs in computer and network security – cybersecurity, and technology project management, to expand opportunities for students to enter these high-wage, growing fields of employment. These programs were developed using labor market analysis, which measures and determines local workforce demand.

New Online Classes“Through our ability to routinely gather data on job trends, wages and demographics, Broward College is able to better align our course offerings with the demands of the local workforce,” said Mildred Coyne, Broward College’s associate vice president for career and technical education. “In both of these fields, there has been steady growth, so we are excited to be able to offer these degrees and produce students who are well-prepared and trained to enter these growing and thriving sectors.”

Cybercrime is a cause for concern across the state and nation, which means that cybersecurity professionals are required to protect and safeguard business’ electronic infrastructure and information. The cybersecurity degree is designed to meet this need, while preparing students for employment opportunities as security professionals. Students will be eligible to sit for various industry certifications that are in high demand at the local, national, and global level. On average, cybersecurity professionals make high entry-level wages, earning more than $20/ hour.

The technology project management degree is designed to provide the skills needed for a career as a supervisor, manager and project leader – particularly in the field of information technology. Project managers are responsible for coordination of complex projects that have time sensitive deadlines and budget constraints. Project management students will be eligible to sit for various industry certifications both during and following completion of the program.

“Our commitment to offer programs that connect education to workforce needs is truly reflected in these new degrees,” said David Shulman, president of Broward College Online. “With the addition of the cybersecurity and technology project management degrees, we are offering two in-demand, high-wage career pathways to our students.”

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