Four new concentrations in Supervision and Management (B.A.S) offered this fall

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BROWCO-16-0313 Retail Sales Certification Web Banner_SquareThe business world is vast and diverse with a wealth of exciting career opportunities. Many know their destination, but aren’t quite sure how to get there.

Paul Moore, dean of business and management programs, reviewed a recent labor market report on the experiences after post-secondary education and found that students preferred the simplicity of concentrations. He spoke with faculty and visited classrooms to hear what the degree seekers were interested in and soon worked with the business pathway to identify ways to make the Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision and Management more user-friendly.

Starting with the fall 2016 semester, Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision and Management by rolling out four new areas of concentration. Students within the business pathway can choose between:

  • Human Resources Management
  • Marketing and Sales Management
  • Project Management
  • General Management

Each concentration comes with its own four courses (12 hours) that include a capstone project or internship geared toward their specialization. The addition of concentrations provide in-depth curriculum in these four areas of specialization, helping better prepare students for positions in their chosen disciplines.

Moore says they’ve essentially married real world skills with what is taught in the classroom. The new specializations encourage students to begin focusing on a potential career at the beginning of their education. Another benefit to having the concise concentrations is the clear road paved for students to continue their education towards a bachelor’s degree.

Below is a brief description of each concentration:

General Management:

The Management concentration affords students the opportunity to develop a solid leadership foundation while focusing on the real themes, demands, and opportunities of an evolving and dynamic business workplace. Students will apply core business principles and tools, analytical and critical thinking skills, and decision-making skills to gain an understanding of the various business artifacts, technology utilization, and subject materials needed to start and maintain a small business or operate and grow a large business.

Human Resources Management (10K Bachelor’s Degree Award):

The Human Resources Management concentration provides students with the opportunity to apply theories and practices to support organizational goals and human capital as a core competency of a business. Students will learn skills related to developing, implementing, and evaluating compensation and benefits programs for all employee groups, examine training and development activities to meet current and future organizational and individual employee needs, and investigate the role of human resources in the strategic planning process.

Sales & Marketing Management:

The Marketing and Sales Management concentration gives students the opportunity to make better management decisions through current modern business practices and data-informed decisions to aid organizations in today’s competitive marketplace. Students will become familiar with the concepts and principles involved in running a retail firm. The application of integrated marketing communications (IMC) will be applied to achieve effective marketing campaigns in real-world scenarios while the Marketing Analytics course will provide an enriched knowledge of key metrics used in business today.

Project Management:

The Project Management concentration will enhance students’ understanding of Project Management through applied projects and increase their knowledge of agile principles with the application of relevant techniques. The program will include a focus on Project Management Institute (PMI) content domains for certification for agile practitioners, known as the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP), as well as activities that support PMI global standards, and the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) standards.

An Affordable Bachelor’s Degree

The Supervision and Management degree is currently the most popular baccalaureate program at the College. As of July, more than 500 are enrolled in the upper division courses leading into the new semester.

Supervision and Management is one of the bachelor’s programs fulfilling Governor Rick Scott’s $10,000 degree challenge. Working with the Florida legislature, the challenge was issued to provide students with a quality education at an affordable cost to get their careers started on the right foot. As part of the initiative, eligible students pay the first $10,000 of tuition and fees, and the College covers the remainder of tuition and fees during the last year of study. For more information on the 10K Bachelor’s Degree, visit the Broward College link at:

To learn more about the Supervision & Management Bachelor of Science program visit:

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