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May 2, 2014 | News


With the ever-expanding globalization of business, the ability to understand, speak, read and write different languages has become an essential skill. Whether you’re looking to learn a foreign language, in need of a translator or interpreter, or an international student in the US, the Lingua Language Center at Broward College can help you.

Language Training

The Center offers an array of in-depth language programs tailored to you — designed around your proficiency level, learning style, schedule and location. Depending on your pace, you can complete each module in as little as two weeks or as many as three months.

Programs include Intensive English, General English or Advanced Academic Skills, as well as supplemental courses such as English Conversation and Accent Reduction, Business English and TOEFL Test Preparation. The Center even offers Corporate Language and Boot Camp programs that are available in group or individual settings.

Translation and Interpretation Services

 The Lingua Language Center also offers translation and interpretation services for a range of fields including technical, medical and legal documents, transcript evaluation and literature, as well as proofreading and desktop publishing.

The center specializes in translating English to Spanish, French, Creole, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, Chinese, Japanese, German, etc., as well as translating those languages to English. The Center also has a worldwide network of accredited translators and interpreters that enables them to offer services for languages outside of the centers specialties.

Language Immersion Summer Camp

 This summer, the center is giving children the opportunity to immerse themselves in Spanish, English, French, Mandarin, or Portuguese at the Language Immersion Summer Camp.

In addition to language studies, the camp will feature activities such as arts, music, dance, theatre, sports, outdoor adventures and field trips.

To learn more about the Lingua Language Center, visit or for more information about the Language Immersion Summer Camp.

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