Learn how to “Catch’em All” and Stay Safe While Trying

July 12, 2016 | More Tips

pokego_DTCOvernight Pokémon Go became the world’s most popular mobile game, it is not only sweeping across America, but the world. Since the app does not come with many instructions, we have come up with a few tips on how to play the game if you’re a first timer. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on catching any of these virtual creatures while on campus.

Your Avatar

When you first enter the app you are able to create your own avatar to make it look like yourself. Start by choosing your hair style, color, eye color, clothing and shoes. Once you have completed this you allow the app access to your GPS and you are on your way to catching Pokémon’s.

Finding Pokémon

There is a tracker at the bottom right corner of your screen that tells you how close nearby Pokémon are- each footprint is approximately 100 meters. Keep an eye on this as you walk to see if the footprints increase or decrease.

Pokémon are everywhere, but they tend to be populated in their own “habitats” – e.g. water Pokémon are near ponds, lakes, rivers, etc. and fire Pokémon are near gas stations.

Use incense and lures to attract Pokémon to you: a lure is attached to a Pokéstop and can be used by players near you, while an incense follows your location and can’t be shared. Both can be gained through level-ups.

Catching Pokémon

Turn the AR slider off when you try and catch a Pokémon. This will make it easier since you don’t have to move your phone around to “find” the Pokémon: a generic screen will pop up instead, all you have to do is focus on throwing the ball.

Pokémon are easier to catch if you wait until the colored circle is smallest. The colored circles have different meanings: yellow and red indicate that Pokémon are harder to catch; green indicates they are easier to catch.

Once you catch a Pokémon don’t move your camera, because it freezes the game and you must restart.

Training and evolving your Pokémon

You will need candy and stardust to train Pokémon. Stardust can upgrade any Pokémon; candies are specific to individual types. You are able to trade in Pokémon for candy of that type, so capture them all, even if you have duplicates.

You might also want to wait until Level 9 to evolve your Pokémon. Once you hit Level 9, you’ll get something called a Lucky Egg, which gives you double experience points and evolves all your Pokémon.

Tips for Staying Safe

Pokémon GO is pretty much the epitome of distracted walking, pay attention to your surroundings at all times.

To be safer while playing at night, you can turn up your screen brightness, which will drain your battery, but will also make you more visible on dark streets.

When you’re playing Pokémon GO, especially at night, walk with a friend or if you’re on campus contact Campus Safety & Security for an escort to your transportation. You can also contact our Campus Safety & Security at any time for assistance or to report an emergency (after dialing 911) by calling 954-201-HELP or 954-201-4357.

Don’t play while driving. This one is obvious. You already don’t text and drive, so why would you want to do something even more distracting while operating a car? Washington State’s Department of Transportation has already released an official warning about Pokémon-catching while driving, and more states could follow. Plus, the game is specifically designed for you to discover new Pokémon and Pokéstops on foot—not while speeding through a neighborhood.

There you have it, a few tips and tricks to help you become a Pokémon Go expert. “If the Pokémon I liked were there, I’d go anywhere. That’s what a real trainer does.” –Ace Trainer Emma

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