Parents want to provide their kids with tools and skills that will land them a good job in the future. In today’s world, there is a lot of competition, and employers require applicants to have previous experience or an impressive set of skills.

Broward College offers a program that provides children, ages 8 to 15 with a headstart on higher education. “The Kids & Teen College” is designed as a way for children to gain early College experience but more importantly to give them an insight on where they may attend College as well as what their path of study will be when they get there,” says Diane Peart, associate vice president of Workforce and Continuing Education.

Meeting the needs of the community

“What we have learned during our yearly surveys is that parents do not just want a summer camp. They want their kids learning, they want to see a return on their investment, and more than anything, they want a program that will help their children get a good job in the future,” says Peart.

The Kids & Teen College is precisely that program, offering courses that mirror today’s high-demand careers. The program offers courses in Aviation, Nursing, Business, Education, Marketing, and more. It will run from June 17 to August 2.

Two critical requirements employers seek are embedded in every course offered at the Kids & Teen College– technology and soft skills. Both components are indispensable in today’s workforce, as a recent study shows that over 70 percent of employers find applicants lack proper soft skills.

Introducing the College Experience

Career PathwaysDuring the six-week summer program, students attend the kids and teen version of college classes. This summer, industry certifications were added to the program, and are available to children between the ages of 10 and 15. They consist of one full week of intensive classes.

Classes include discussions, presentations, lectures, a small project, and exams. Students have the opportunity to tour the campus and see each of the eight pathways offered at the college up close.

Each career pathway comprises a group of occupations that share common skills. Broward College offers studies in the following categories: Arts, Humanities, Communication and Design (AHCD); Business; Education; Health Sciences; Industry, Manufacturing, Construction and Transportation (IMCT); Public Safety; Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM); and Social Behavioral Sciences and Human Services (SBSHS). Within each pathway, you can pursue all types of degrees (AA, AS, and Bachelor’s) and technical certifications.

Both the certifications and the courses offered during the five remaining weeks highlight the main program of each pathway.

Working towards Broward College’s greater mission

“The main goal of this program is to show young children, and their parents, the opportunities available to them at Broward College and inspire them to come back and pursue their career here, knowing that it’s an affordable, highly-regarded, local college,” explains Peart.

And the data supports the success of the program – thirteen percent of children who participated in the program later attend Broward College to pursue either a degree or a technical certificate.

The earlier children are introduced to higher education, the better, says Peart. “This is especially important for areas like STEM – the earlier we pick their interest, the better chance of teens pursuing these fields in College,” she adds.

The deadline to register and pay for classes for this summer is June 10, 2019. Visit for more information on courses available, costs, and locations.