How to Save Money While Attending College

October 11, 2013 | More Tips

Between tuition, books and the necessary coffee stop, there’s no question that college life can be expensive.

Here are a few tips to keep some money in your pocket while getting a college education:

  • Pre-owned books offer savings over new pricier texts. Many are available in great to good condition and some already contain highlighted sections, which can assist in studying. Check out our Book Swap to find out what books are available or post a wanted item.
  • Recycle folders and notebooks. Both manila and plastic folders can easily be updated with a sticker. Many times notepads at the end of semesters have a lot of blank pages left. Use tabs to create a new section while saving money and paper.
  • Seek alternative transportation. Carpooling to class with a friend will help save on gas. Taking online classes can also offer an opportunity to save on transportation costs while fulfilling course requirements.
  • Flash your Student ID. Be sure to ask about student discounts. Many local restaurants and shops offer discounts of 10% or more. Find out what you can access with your Broward College student ID:
  • Setup a student checking account. Many banks offer free checking accounts for students with added benefits such as no fees on withdrawals, fund transfers or a minimum account needed.

Don’t let expenses get in the way of your college experience. . Be sure to create a budget and stick to it. Check out our Financial Aid website for tools and tips on navigating finances and reaching your goals.

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