Get Outdoors and Celebrate Parks and Recreation Month

July 14, 2016 | Did You Know

Broward College Honors Retreat 2013 10-4-13July is Parks and Recreation Month and we didn’t want you to miss out on the fun. So, as we count down the days before the official end of the summer break, we want to make sure that you, your family and friends make the best of the time that’s left. The focus of the month this year is “celebrating the super powers of local parks and recreation facilities.” That’s right, studies have shown that time outdoors is an important factor in creating healthy lifestyles. Whether it’s walking, jogging, climbing, cycling, water activities, sports or just playing around with your friends, a visit to the park will leave you recharged. With school scheduled to start in a few weeks, you’re going to need it. Less than an hour of recreational activity renews cells, muscles and strengthens the valves of the heart. The National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) has put together a list of activities taking place across states. For the entire month of July, NRPA is also hosting a selfie challenge for you to show off the activities that give you superpowers.

If you’ve never heard about Parks and Recreation Month here’s a quick summary. It has been celebrated nationally since 1985 and was officially mandated by the House of Representatives in 2009. The focus of the month is to emphasize the value of outdoor spaces. As many states struggle with providing adequate green spaces for local communities, Broward County has a unique advantage with more than 50 regional parks and hundreds across its 31 municipalities. This doesn’t include most sport complexes and walking trails. The great thing about Broward County is that parks and most recreational areas are within walking distance from many communities. They offer easy access to picnic facilities and playgrounds without having to leave your neighborhood. Find your local park here.

In addition to local community parks and recreation there are some great places that offer so much more than the average community park does, like Broward College’s Tigertail Lake Recreational Center in Dania Beach. Not only is it a beautifully maintained scenic escape for parties, picnics or just hanging out, it features a range of activities: paddleboards, kayaks, sailboats and windsurfers. The park also organizes overnight adventure trips and there is one scheduled at the end of July. If you enjoy climbing and you’re looking for a challenge, there’s the monthly Open Challenge which features the ropes course and rock climbing. To top it off – admission for students is free and reduce rates are offered for staff; just pay the cost of activities.

Whichever park and recreation activity you choose, don’t experience it alone, bring a friend or take the family. Let’s celebrate! Remember, take a selfie.


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