Don’t tell Janice Stubbs that she has worked at Broward College for three decades. The senior administrator is quick to remind that number, in all actuality, is 28. And who would dare argue because, perhaps, no one knows more about Broward College than she does?

After all, Stubbs has devoted almost her entire professional career to Broward College, first as the coordinator of admissions and registration on the Judson A. Samuels South Campus and on through her current role as vice provost for Student Services.

Dedicated to Improving Student Success

Janice StubbsWhether she is walking across campus or in her office, Stubbs enjoys nothing more than talking to students. She is at her best when she is picking their brains, listening to their challenges,  identifying what she can do to enhance their academic, social, or personal development and pledging to do better for them. She is dedicated to student success and expects that same passion from her colleagues.

“If Janice asks you a question, you better know the answer or be ready to research it in full – because more questions will be coming,” said Bryan Anderson, district director of College Readiness and Recruitment, with a smile. “After sending her an email, there’s nothing better than getting a ‘fantastic’ or ‘thanks loads,’ which means you’ve met her expectations – for that moment at least.”

Student services has come a long way since Stubbs joined the College. Back then, support was up to a director, an assistant, and Stubbs. Campuses were friendly rivals that competed against each other to achieve higher enrollments. There was one club on South Campus and few student life events.

Since that time, Broward College centralized operations. Minority enrollment grew, and student needs diversified. The student body now boasts a cultural mix of Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, Millennials and beyond who are put on clear pathways toward a career immediately after graduation or to four-year universities instead.

As vice provost, Stubbs wears many hats to influence their educational outcomes and student lives, from recruitment and admissions to academic advising and counseling.

Keeps a Promise

Stubbs cares deeply about doing right by students. To that end, she is tireless. Following a conference earlier this year in California, Stubbs took the Friday night red-eye flight back to South Florida to ensure she would fulfill a promise she made to the women’s basketball team to attend their game Saturday afternoon.

Stubbs is often the first in the office and the last to leave. Weekday, vacation, or holidays matter little. She is on-call 24/7. And her commitment to quality extends beyond the demands she puts on herself.

“In order to work effectively with her, you need to know your stuff,” said Neil Cohen, associate vice president, Student Life, and Ombudsperson. “She’s going to ask difficult questions about complicated work issues, so you can’t just stroll into her office without your ‘A’ game.”

In exchange, Stubbs is extremely loyal. She will go the extra mile to protect the interests of her staff with the same intensity she pursues funds to secure mentors for first-generation students, said Giannela Haddad, an executive assistant to Stubbs who recalled her supervisor’s unwavering support when she applied for maternity leave.

Finding Time for Personal Relaxation

Now that her two daughters are no longer living at home — one is pursuing a master’s in exceptional student education, the other a career in journalism at Syracuse University and Bustle magazine — Stubbs is beginning to find time for herself. After work, she takes dance and yoga classes and is learning how to meditate, although she claims she’s hardly a “guru,” just yet.

“It relieves stress,” said Stubbs, who commutes from her home in Cooper City after many years in Pembroke Pines. “I’m looking at ways to have fun again. When I was raising kids, a lot of the fun was centered around them. I’m learning what that can be for myself.”

That doesn’t mean that she plans to retire tomorrow or the day after, but, when she does, she will be content.

“It’s been an honor and a privilege to work at Broward College,” she said. “I think when I leave here, I will be leaving things a little better than when I found them.”

Student Services at Broward College refers to the broad range of support, including academic counseling and tutoring that is available to help students successfully navigate through college. Access the help you need and enhance your higher education experience today.