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February 8, 2019 |

March 15, 2019 @ 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Broward College South Campus
7200 Pines Boulevard
Pembroke Pines
FL 33024

Broward College has been licensed to host TEDxBrowardCollege by TED, a nonpartisan non-profit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short talks, to produce its second TEDx event. The event is scheduled for Friday evening, March 15th at the Performing and Cultural Arts Theater (PCAT) located on the Broward College South Campus. Titled “Ignite and Inspire,” TEDxBrowardCollege invites students, faculty, and community speakers to present compelling, interdisciplinary talks related to the progression of ideas within art, culture, technology, science and society. 

Broward College’s 2nd official TEDx event is open registration. This year, TEDxBrowardCollege will consist of two sessions. Each session will showcase four speakers, with all talks designed to elicit conversation around the changing nature of work, contemporary life, and the development of entrepreneurial habits of mind and character for a well lived life. We are thankful for everyone who applied, and we are thrilled for those selected. If you are interested in attending the event please RSVP here! 

Tickets are free and food will be provided. The event will be livestreamed again this year for those who cannot attend in person. For more information please see below, or feel free to reach out to Henry Mack at or Walter Burton at

Schedule of Speakers

March 15, 2019 | 4:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Broward College South Campus Performing Cultural Arts Theater

 Technology and its Impact in the Operating Room (Dr. John Malloy) – Dr. Malloy has pioneered the use of technology both in and prior to spinal surgery. His talk will be concentrating on innovation in medicine, and just how we may approach the development of new technologies and techniques in spinal surgeries and spinal injuries and disorders. His techniques involving new technologies continues to change lives for the better. As a published author and national and international speaker he has influenced surgeons from all over the world. 

Innovate what’s in your Way (Natalie Butto) – What’s Your Problem? We may see problems as negative. However, problems motivate us. They fuel creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship in business and in life. What’s in the way may actually be the way. Professor Butto is currently a management professor at Broward College and has previously worked as a Fortune 500 in-house legal counsel and executive.

Task Oriented Workforce (Chris Palermo) –Twenty years ago, many people were hired and spent their entire career at one company. This is not the case anymore. People who are currently working and those about to enter the workforce need to be prepared for today’s working environment, not their parents or grandparents. Palermo is founder and CEO of Global Communication Networks (GCN), one of the fastest growing U.S. firms which represents more than 150 service providers worldwide. Chris will be talking about the future of work and education’s place within it.

 We Need More Boundaries, Less Walls (Kai Zwiebel) – The moment we are able to accept our individuality and, at the same time, look to connect to those around us, we set up boundaries. Zwiebel will discuss how individuals creating boundaries can positively affect humanity on a larger scale. Kai will graduate with her Associate of Arts from Broward College in May 2019 and plans to pursue a Doctorate in Anthropology.

 Culture Trumps Strategy and Goals Every Time (Mark Alfieri) – Yearly and quarterly goals are created by most managers/coaches or even parents. This is the traditional way of thinking. It has been shown that the day to day culture of a group that will contribute to their success more than these arbitrary goals. Alfieri will discuss how the day to day work environment contributes to business success. Alfieri is the CEO of BrandStar, a full-service content marketing agency.

The Strides in Debate (Joseph Loffredo) – Loffredo is a debate competitor for Cooper City High School and Broward College. He will discuss how debate influences future citizens and how debate helped him to find his voice. After years of silence, debate rose to the occasion and brought upon Loffredo, the powers of intelligent conversations and he’s exploring the idea of debate helping others to find their voice in our society. Loffredo was the champion speaker in Lincoln Douglas Debate and 3rd place at the FCSAA State Forensics Tournament in Parliamentary Debate.

The Dropped Baton (Brandon Gibson) – Entrepreneurs do not go into business to eventually become bankrupt. Entrepreneurs go into business for longevity to create an idea, service or product that continues for generations. To effectively create this, entrepreneurs need the reinforcement of the right ideas and expertise in business ownership. Brandon has served as Club President for Greatness in the Making (G.I.M.), a Broward College initiative with the mission to assist students in assimilating into today’s workforce in a fun and interactive setting.

 Social Justice Parenting (Traci Baxley) – Baxley will discuss new ideas in parenting styles used in our current social climate that can lead to more curiosity for learning and turning fear into motivation for positive change. Baxley is the founder and CEO of BrownSchooling, a consulting company that offers professional development in equity practices for schools/organizations and provides a medium through which families can experience and practice radical love.

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