The Early Childhood Lab School at Broward College – Nurturing Future Scholars

July 25, 2016 | Did You Know, slider

LabSchoolPicWebSelecting your child’s first school is among the biggest decisions you will make as a parent. When it’s time to select a school for your child, you want to ensure your child has the perfect learning environment with certified and caring teachers who will place them on a path to a successful future.

Selecting the right school begins well before kindergarten. Many parents make the mistake of thinking that these decisions are more important between K-12 and then college, but research confirms that quality personal care and a good early childhood learning experience are necessary for continued intellectual, social and emotional development in children.

Where better to turn than an institution that has mastered education? The Broward College North Campus in Coconut Creek is home to the Early Childhood Demonstration Lab School . Licensed by the Broward County Department of Children and Families, the school’s curriculum is developed and administered by some of the best educators in the county. The Lab School is known for its success with working with children ages 1 through 5, offering:

  • Qualified Teachers
  • Small Class Sizes
  • Affordable Rates
  • Instruction Using Research-Based Creative Curriculum and Teaching Strategies Gold®
  • Aligned with State and National Early Learning Standard
  • Cutting-Edge Technology with iPads and SMART Boards
  • Experiential Learning through Collaboration with Students and Faculty
  • VPK and School Readiness Contracted Site

Those credentials aside, the school receives excellent reviews from parents. Quakish Liner, the new director for the Broward College Honors College, credits her 3-year old son’s academic and social development to his attendance at the Lab School.

“He went somewhere else before. As an educator, I asked questions about why they weren’t doing this or why they weren’t doing that, and said ‘they can’t always be finger painting every single
day’. He was at that preschool for a short time before I made the decision to go someplace that that was going to stimulate him,” she said. “I’ve had him enrolled at the Lab School for two years now and he has developed such a great curiosity. He asks a lot of questions, understands things well and expresses himself well beyond his age. Now that I’m downtown at the Honors College, I wouldn’t take him out because I know he’s getting quality education. I can’t say that for a lot of places.”

She commends the nontraditional curriculum to help engage children such as the petting zoo, use of technology in learning, and creativity.

The Lab school is open to the public and is accepting new enrollments for Fall. One of the best ways to identify a great early childhood location is to check it out and do your own assessment, and the Lab has opened its doors for you to take a tour and meet its administrators and teachers.

Call today to schedule a tour and enroll your child: Contact Jennifer Amador or Suzan Kelly at (954)-201-2440. The Lab school offers discounts to Broward College students, faculty and staff. Visit\labschool for more information.

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