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August 16, 2013 | More Tips



Last year alone, Americans spent $84 billion in the “back-to-school” shopping period, making it the second largest retail time of year, behind the holiday season.

This year won’t be any different especially when you factor in the latest  gadgets. But, what do you really need? Do you really need the newest tablet to succeed in college? An upgraded smartphone? Most likely, no — and lots of money can be saved by holding off and relying on — wait for it — pencil and paper. Here are a few other items you can stay away from that will save you some “green” this term:

Voice Recorders

Many students use voice recorders in class, so they can play back lectures later or go back and listen to complex topics. Before buying one, check with your professor about recording their lectures. And if you do need a voice recorder, most smart-phones offer some sort of recording capability already installed.


If you do splurge for that iPad, Kindle or Nexus, you are going to want to fill it up with apps. Be aware that many apps specifically for aiding your studies can be expensive — as much as $300! To avoid this money-draining situation, choose the free versions of education-apps, which may have all the capabilities you need to get through the semester.


Going wireless isn’t always necessary either. A wireless keyboard and mouse may look cool and make your workspace appear more organized at first glance, but it costs extra $ — and don’t forget the cost of batteries. Stick to the basics with a traditional wired keyboard and mouse.

So you may already have everything you need in the gadget universe to succeed at Broward College.

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