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March 27, 2017 | More People

276564742527393.rj91P8u8NW2Lf9RZX1g6_height640If you ever wondered where an Associate of Science in Culinary Arts Management can take you, then look no further than Richard L. Blanchette, Jr. The Broward College graduate serves as Director of Food and Nutrition for Memorial Hospital West, where he oversees 70 employees.

A Typical Day Looks Like:

7:30 a.m.

His day begins by making the rounds through the various departments. He checks on the cafeteria and the patient tray line to ensure operations are running smoothly, then the same is done in the production area and catering. Then, there is a brief huddle with supervisors in each place to address any special events or other issues that need further discussion.

9:30 a.m.

Blanchette joins directors from each department of the hospital to go over the patient census, how many patients are on each floor, and the number of discharges and transfers. From there, he approves and reviews spending and invoices, and daily tracking is done for monthly operating reports consisting of data such as cafeteria, catering and the tray line expenses and sales.

Noon – 5 p.m.

Someone in his position is accustomed to frequent meetings. Among them are with the Environmental of Care (EOC) team, discussing things like the temperature of the food.

Blanchette is in regular communication with the executive chef to make sure the cooks are sticking with protocol and following the right recipes. Although the tray line menu is uniformed, the cafeteria menu can be adjusted based on feedback, like adding more Latin flavors to fit the area.

In addition to the administrative parts of his job, Blanchette also adds patient satisfaction to his list of responsibilities, which is why Blanchette visits patient rooms to check how they are doing and offer his services to make their care better. From there, he sends dietitians to do consults and follow up with patients.

Blanchette worked his way up the food service ladder from Duffy’s Sports Grill to Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. He moved into healthcare, starting at Jackson Memorial as executive chef where he was responsible for feeding thousands of people daily. He then moved on to University Hospital and Medical Center where he was the director of food and nutrition before transitioning to Memorial. Through his career, Blanchette found a degree not only looked great on a resume, but helped him stand out from other candidates in the industry who hadn’t received a degree. Blanchette just returned to Broward College, this time to pursue a Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision and Management.

“You have to put in the time; learn everything,” Blanchette recommends. “Learn what people do. Find a good mentor. With the partnership between Broward College and the technical centers, there is really a good program to put you on the right track.”

If Blanchette made you hungry for a career in this field, check out the Broward College program in the AS in Culinary Arts Management.











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