Broward College students and faculty on the Great Wall of China

William E. Greene Scholarship provides students the opportunity to go abroad

Studying abroad is an invaluable experience but it can be difficult to find the funding to afford the extra costs involved with travel and housing. At Broward College, there are several scholarships available for students to fulfill their dream of going abroad for a semester.

Students in Namibia
Students in Namibia

The William E. Greene scholarship, is one of three travel abroad  awards at Broward College that covers the tuition costs, travel and housing during a full semester at one of their three international locations (Spain, Peru, and Ecuador.)

Every semester, one or two students are selected as winners. For the 2018-2019 academic year, Isabella Hardman and Khalid El-Shabazz, have been chosen as WEG scholars.

Hardman, who has a love for traveling and art, is headed to Seville, Spain in fall, where she’ll attend the International College of Seville. As a future ESL educator, she hopes this semester abroad will guide her in her journey to understanding different cultures and expand the skills necessary to succeed in her profession.

El-Shabazz will be heading to Lima, Perú, where he hopes to absorb Peruvian culture and learn Spanish. As a business student, he looks forward to his experience abroad as a source of inspiration for his plans to become an international real estate salesman and developer. He’ll attend the Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola.

This Fall, Hardman and El-Shabazz will enjoy the many benefits of studying abroad. They will be able to see a new place and enjoy its culture, gastronomy, landmarks, people, and more. They will also have the chance to learn a new language, be exposed a different style of education, develop new skills, and make lifelong friends. And, when they return home, they will have a new understanding about the world and themselves. 

WEG applications for spring 2019 are now open and will close on Thursday, October 11, 2018, at 4 p.m. Students must complete the application form. If shortlisted, applicants will be required to participate in a personal interview with the International Education Advisory Committee.

Broward College students and faculty on the Great Wall of China
Students in China

To qualify for the scholarship applicants must be a degree-seeking student, be 18 years-old and over, have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, and have completed at least 12 credits at Broward College.

There is no citizenship requirement to qualify for the scholarship but students must be able to travel outside the U.S.

In addition to the application form and the interview, students must submit two recommendation letters from Broward College professors, an unofficial college transcript, and two 500-700 words essays. For more specifics on these requirements, please download the WEG scholarship application form.

Four Broward College students at the beach

Five Summer Vacation Ideas for College Students

Summer is finally here and with that college students find themselves with a lot of free time to invest in anything they want. On average, you will get three summer vacations as a college student and while you’re encouraged to enjoy your free time and have fun, many people consider it’s important to work towards your professional and career goals. Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, here are five activities you should consider during the break.

Four Broward College students at the beachFind a summer job

Many successful professionals agree that the best activity you can invest your time in during the summer is to find a job. It’s up to you what type of job you decide to pursue according to the stage you’re at in your life. If you are a freshman just looking for a job to earn some money, then go for it. But, if you are a junior or a senior with a career path set, then you’re encouraged to look for a job that will help you achieve the  goals you have set. Broward College students receive exclusive access to job opportunities and internships, as well as resume reviews and interview practice and more. Visit Career Services to get started.

Travel and explore the world

Traveling has proven to be the best way to expand your knowledge about different cultures, races, ethnicities, and religions. If you want to see the reality of other places, the only way is to go see it for yourself. At Broward College you have the opportunity to study abroad in places such as Perú, Spain, and many others, even during the summer time. You may even qualify for one of the several scholarships offered. To learn more about the different opportunities of study abroad at the College visit their website

Study a new language

While you won’t learn a new language in just one summer, what better time to get started than when you have plenty of time to dedicate to it? Thanks to globalization, companies and all businesses consider being multilingual a big plus when it’s time to hire. Regardless of the career path you want to go on, knowing multiple languages can open your mind and increase your understanding of other cultures. Broward College offers courses to learn languages like French, Spanish, Italian, and more. To learn about these courses, visit Broward College also offers foreign language courses through the Lingua School, which includes Portuguese and Chinese in their catalog. To learn more about Lingua and their opportunities, visit

Volunteer for a good cause

Giving back to your community is a great feeling. During your summer vacation, you can consider volunteering at an organization with a cause you feel passionate about. If you are passionate about the environment, you could volunteer doing beach cleanups or planting trees. Or, maybe consider offering support to a homeless shelter or a pet adoption center. Volunteering is a great opportunity to give back to the people that need it the most. Additionally, volunteering is a great way to build your resume and can even qualify you for a wide variety of scholarships.  Broward College students can find volunteer opportunities through student life. Click here to learn more about volunteering opportunities at Broward College.

Start your own business

If you’ve always had an idea for a product that would make people’s lives easier, or have a hobby that would work great as a side business, starting your own business is a great experience. You can enhance skills such as time management, teamwork, leadership, and much more. Even if your company fails, knowing that you are ambitious and a go-getter is a big plus when interviewing for jobs. Do you have an idea for a great business? Learn about entrepreneurship opportunities through our Innovation Hub.

Regardless of what you decide to do this summer, remember to take time for yourself and celebrate your accomplishments thus far.

Broward College female alumni

Resources Offered by Broward College for Alumni

At Broward College, there are countless resources available for students to help them succeed. What many people don’t know is that there are also post-graduation resources available to our ever-growing alumni population.

With our latest commencement ceremony, more than 5,500 students have officially become alumni, and with that new title usually comes a lot of anxiety about the future, especially on a professional scale.

If you are part of our most recent group of alumni, Broward College has you covered with these three resources that will help you on your new journey as a professional.

Broward College female alumniResume assistance – Becoming career ready

First things first, before looking for a job, you have to make sure you’re career ready. The first step for this is preparing a resume that will make you stand out. The Career Center can assist you to develop a winning resume and cover letter, for free. You can visit them at any Campus. For information about their hours and locations, click here.

Career Center Network – Finding a job

So, now that you have that outstanding resume, you’re probably looking for a job. The Career Center at Broward College offers the Career Center Network (CCN) – an online catalog of jobs in many different industries. Click here to register and start sending your resume to potential employers!

Interview Stream – Nailing that job interview

Getting that job is more than a great degree and a perfect resume. You must convince the recruiter that you are the right person for the job.  Job interviews can be nerve-wracking and you need to prepare. The Career Center offers the opportunity to practice, for free, from anywhere, for your interview for as many times as you want. With InterviewStream – an online platform designed to help you improve your interviewing skills. To learn more about this service, watch their promo video.

With these resources, you can get through the most difficult time in your professional life: finding your first opportunity. Broward College hopes to help you by offering these free services to our wonderful students and alumni. To learn more about the Career Center, visit

tigertail lake

Visit Tigertail Lake Recreation Center for a Memorable Experience

As the summer months approach, it has never been a better time to visit the Broward College Tigertail Lake Recreational Center in Dania Beach.

staycationOpened during the mid-1970’s, Tigertail sits on five acres, much of it encompassing its artificial lake. The location is deep in the heart of Sportsman’s Park, which includes the International Fishing Hall of Fame, Outdoor World, the Islamorada Fish Company Restaurant, Marriott Courtyard Hotel, Diver’s Direct, and the Fort Lauderdale Airport Tri-Rail Station.

In 2015 alone Tigertail welcomed more than 14,000 visitors. It has been a popular spot for the YMCA to bring children and served as a training ground for the FBI underwater search evidence response teams. Yet, many lifelong residents of Broward County who have not visited this outdoor gem, and Broward College students may not realize they can take advantage of what’s offered for FREE.

Natalie Justice, manager of the facilities, hopes more members of the public will come out and enjoy what Tigertail has to offer. “The nearest college and university that offers what we offer is Florida State University. We have so much available in one place. There is something for everyone.”

Jon Groover, senior coordinator, has been with Tigertail since 1986 right out of high school. He finds joy in helping to create ever-lasting moments for visitors in scenic surroundings. Not only has Groover seen students who need a break from the traditional classroom, but retired adults as well.

“Many like to hang out and go out on the boats” he said. “There is a feeling of comradery more than anything. We would run sailing trips to the Keys and other places. There was a case where there was a student who was studying to be an architect and someone who is an architect. I got them talking, and they networked. That is an example of the type of bonds that occur out here.”

So come soak in the sun and explore everything this one-of-a-kind facility has to offer. From paddleboarding and windsurfing to sailing and scuba diving. For those who prefer land over water, there is also muchropescourse_tigertail_rotator-edt to do including a ropes course and rock climbing wall. Tigertail also hosts overnight adventure trips, credit or non-credit classes, conferences and meetings, team building activities, parties and even weddings.

For more information on Tigertail Lake Recreational Center, visit the facility website.




two students studying

Improve Your Memory for Studying

two students studyingSo, you’ve planned your study schedule, attended tutorials and met up with friends. All of this is done in an effort to conquer those midterms and finals, but you still have one major problem - remembering what you’ve reviewed. We want to make sure you can ace those upcoming exams so we turned to the experts for some strategies which can be used to improve memory while studying.

Dr. Monique Blake, associate dean of Academic Resources and the Academic Success Centers, says the keys to success are where, how and when we study. Here’s her list of recommendations:

Find a place to study that is comfortable but also has limited-to-no distractions. “We don’t often think about it,” she explained, “but any speech or speech-like sounds such as music automatically use up part of the brain’s attention capacity.”

Identify which method of studying works best. Dr. Blake explained that not every method of studying is suitable for every student. Over time you will be able to determine if studying in a group or alone, at nights or during the day works for you. Whatever method makes the information stick – then that’s the one for you.

Study for courses that have similar materials/topics at the same time. Reviewing material that’s similar in nature makes it easier to remember and connect information as well as create greater mental associations.

Study course material soon after class. I’m sure you’ve heard this one before but Dr. Blake says research has proven that it’s best to study course material after class when the information is fresh in your mind as it helps with retention.

Identify when tests and assignments are due. Store this information in a planner, electronic device (s) etc. This helps your brain to prioritize and focus especially when doing assignments as it is reminded that the information it is processing is important.

Here are a few other tips we found that could help your brain with its retention abilities:

  • Sleep. Healthy sleep puts us in the right state of mind to take in information as we go about the day.
  • Exercise. Many studies have suggested that the parts of the brain that control thinking and memory have greater volume in people who exercise versus people who don’t.
  • Never study on an empty stomach. Glucose improves memory, that’s why memory formation is better after a meal.
  • Write Things Out. There’s good evidence that the act of writing itself helps us remember things better. As we’re writing, we create connections between the information we are recording.

This is not an exhaustive list and there’s always more you can do to help improve studying and memory. Remember our Academic Success Centers are equipped with professionals who can help you formulate a plan. For some courses, one on one tutoring or group tutoring sessions may be available.

Businessman with telescope looking to the future

Hot Jobs for 2017 and How to Land One

Businessman with telescope looking to the futureAs the economy grows more competitive, it’s important to choose a career that’s not only in demand but offers paths to professional growth and advancement. Don’t know where to start? Well, the first thing to do is identify professions that are in high demand, determine if it’s a field which you will enjoy and research the requirements. There are a range of prospects across several industries, but the business sector in South Florida continues to show the most growth through to 2025.

Research done by the College has identified five positions which will be in high demand in the region. Here’s the list:

  • Marketing Specialist: This field shows the greatest growth, more than 26 percent. What does the career entail? Marketing specialists do a lot of research on the industries to which they are employed. They gather information, assess trends, determine potential sales for products and services, and create campaigns to promote them. Most individuals in this field earn an average hourly wage of $26.
  • Financial Analysts and Advisors: This career tops the list in earnings. Employees in this field make around $33 per hour with a 13 percent growth forecasted over the next eight years. Financial analysts and advisors work with banks and other companies in the investment industry to provide risk assessment and profitability options.
  • Credit Analyst: This is another profession critical to the financial industry. With hourly wages of $30 per hour, credit analysts assess the statements and spending history of individuals and corporations to determine the risk involved in lending them money. They also prepare reports with credit information for use in decision making. The demand for employees in this field is expected to increase by just under seven percent.
  • Paralegals and Legal Assistants: If you’re not one for figures, here’s a non-finance position that will be in high demand over the next eight years. These professionals assist lawyers and the courts by investigating facts, preparing legal documents, or researching legal precedent in order to formulate a defense or prosecution and initiate legal action. The current hourly income is just over $25 per hour, and the number of positions are expected to grow by more than 21 percent.
  • Insurance Sales Agents: We’re all familiar with insurance agents. They sell life, property, casualty, health, automotive, or other types of coverage. With a competitive salary of over $25 per hour the field is one worth exploring, especially given that there will be an increased need of almost 9 percent through 2025.

Data source: EMSI for Miami Dade-Broward-Palm Beach MSA

Whether you’re already in the business pathway or want to know more about these options, check out the business programming map. If you need further guidance, make an appointment to speak to one of our career coaches.

Dawn Maslar

The Science of Love

It’s that time of year when the smell of roses fills the air, heart-shaped chocolates are everywhere, and we scamper to find that perfect gift. In the excitement of celebrating Valentine’s Day have you ever wondered how love really works?

It’s more than just emotions, as “Love Biologist” Dawn Maslar (Link: argued during her engaging discussion last week at the Willis Holcombe Center in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Maslar, a former adjunct biology professor at Broward College, is the author of the book “Men Chase - Women Choose”.

During the talk, she explored the less talked about angle of love – the brain. The three-hour event focused on how the brain reacts when two people first meet, start to date, fall in love, and then move DawnMaslaron to a more passionate, lifelong love. The TEDx speaker of “How Your Brain Falls in Love” (Link:, explained to a packed audience how the mind reacts to behaviors. “It’s a chemical reaction that affects the brain. The real boss behind attraction is your brain, which runs through a very quick, very complex series of calculations when assessing a potential partner.”

Love Turns Your Brain to Mush

So what happens to your brain when you’re in love? Researchers at Linden University used fMRI, a neuroimaging procedure using MRI technology that measures brain activity by detecting changes associated with blood flow, to show that people lose cognitive ability when they fall in love. That’s why they say love is blind.

Illustrating with a play dough version of the brain and a scalpel, Maslar slowly dissected the parts of the brain which are made inactive or slowed down when someone falls in love. A major part that stops working is the amygdala, the section that sounds the alarm that something is wrong. She pointed out that this is the reason individuals stay in relationships, even when there are warning signs that things are not well with their partner’s character or personality.

The Science of Love Allows You to Enhance Your Attraction

Using participants for interactive demonstrations, the “Love Biologist” illustrated the four different stages of love and the part of the brain is engaged.

  • Attraction
  • Dating
  • Falling in Love
  • True Love

Love, from the perspective of the brain, is not all bad. If you’re having a hard time finding a partner, there are things you can do to make others more drawn to you. Much to the amusement of the audience, Maslar provided tips to men and women on how to enhance their attractiveness:

  • Chicks Dig Manly Men - For men, it’s less about the smile and more about how you present yourself. For instance, if you’re taking a picture show your profile from the left side. If you’re looking for props, forget gym equipment and add a guitar! Seriously, it’s less about the looks and more about what initiates a woman’s brain.
  • Say Cheese! - For the ladies, the smile is the most captivating factor for men. Couple that megawatt smile with sexually attractive colors, like red, and you’ll win his mind.

If the whole science of love theory has appealed to your academic senses, take a look into our biology program (Link:

Want to know more? Grab a copy at Barnes and Nobles or retailers online.