April is Car Care Month

April 4, 2016 | More Tips

Did you know there are more than 75 American song classics which reference the Corvette? It’s no wonder – Corvettes have long been a coveted sports car, and Broward College has one of its own.

GM Automotive Service Educational Program

Broward College is the only academic institution in South Florida with the GM Automotive Service Educational Program (ASEP). Through GM ASEP, students become highly trained automotive technicians in less than two years thanks to a program which alternates between classes at Broward College and hands-on work experience at sponsoring worksites. GM ASEP instructors are GM trained on the latest automotive trends, and students learn how to identify, analyze and solve complex automotive problems.

To receive the proper training, ASEP curriculum must keep up with the ever-advancing technologies in the auto industry. Thanks to this important partnership, GM ASEP students have the opportunity to work on brand new models, including the Corvette. Thanks to the donation of vehicles to the program, students have the opportunity to train on the latest technologies while saving money by reducing expenses. To supplement ASEP education, the College also receives $1,000 per year, other donations, and operation support from local dealers.

This important partnership began in 1979 when GM, GM Dealers, and ACDELCO Professional Service Centers recognized the need to create a program which could create highly skilled automotive engineers. They then selected colleges and universities to help create a manufacturer program to develop and train entry-level certified technicians who could then work for GM dealers and ACDELCO Professional Service Centers.

The program is so successful that many ASEP students have gone on to work for GM. Graduates become GM field service engineers, corporate GM trainers and instructors, engineering design team members, and even join corporate management, among other careers.

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