Broward College Study Abroad Program Offers Students New Horizons

December 26, 2016 | More People

If you have ever had a desire to visit other countries and learn about their cultures, there is no better time to do it than while in college.

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetBroward College offers multiple immersive opportunities through which you can explore your dreams, from short-term faculty led programs lasting one to three weeks, to more extended stays offered through its membership with the College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS). These programs can last between one to six months and allows the College to offer programs in 25 countries.

Study Abroad itineraries come with a world of benefit. In addition to personal experience, it compliments knowledge gained in the classroom with firsthand cultural and social context that comes with visiting another country. If you’re thinking ahead, it also makes you more marketable as an employee. Just ask Holly Alexander, who’s currently on a six-month Study Abroad in Prague at the University of New York. She is on the final leg of her 15-week exchange and shares her experience:

My name is Holly Alexander and I am a sophomore at Broward College, currently studying abroad through the CCIS program in the Czech Republic in its capital city of Prague. I am originally from Jamaica, which is a small island with a population of less than 3 million. Coming from such a small community of people who are so incredibly diverse, I decided the one thing I would never let myself be is underexposed and unexperienced when it came to cultures of the world, this was my encouragement to apply.

There are two points in this journey that are the most exciting, the first, choosing the city to study in and the second being the day I headed off to begin the study abroad semester. I chose Prague because of how little I had heard of it, how safe it was and the fact that it was far, far away from home. The application process was long, but every time a part was complete, I got excited thinking I was that much closer to studying abroad. My advice to anyone is: start early, there is always something to do.

My majors are Magazine Journalism and Political Science. To set my sights on writing for a living meant to me that I needed something to write about – inspiration, experiences from which to pull. Though, being Jamaican has offered me a unique perspective, a writer can never have too much inspiration. As for Political Science or International Relations, I was very interested to learn about international politics as well as US politics in classes with people from all over the world. I do believe, however, that in some way study abroad can be well suited to any major and any person.

Studying in a new place and encountering new cultures is an experience that cannot be taught in a classroom. I would encourage any student to take the opportunity to live elsewhere while studying as it will be such an unforgettable experience.

If Holly’s experience piques your interest, visit our Study Abroad page to learn more about the programs or email Liz Vocasek, the Director of Study Abroad & Global Engagement, at



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