Broward College Safety and Security – Tips to Stay Safe

January 31, 2014 | More Tips

campus security is of most importance at Broward College  The Department of Campus Safety and Security provides a wide range of services to create and maintain a safe environment in which to receive a quality education, working collaboratively to achieve a high standard of safety on campus. Broward College believes that safety is everyone’s responsibility.  Know your role by following these five Campus Safety and Security Tips:

    1. Be aware of your surroundings. Keep distractions to a minimum when walking around our campuses and centers and through parking lots. Texting, listening to music or surfing the Internet on your phone when walking to class or to your car can put you in danger. Instead, stay alert and enjoy the walk.
    2. Get to know your campus/center layout. Spend some time learning the locations of your classes and student service offices. Maps are available on our website and on our mobile site.
    3. Contact the Safety Escort Team. Safety officers are available to escort a student or employee to and from his or her vehicle, office or classroom 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Please contact your Campus Safety office to request this free service.
    4. Code Blue Emergency Phones: Emergency phones are available throughout our campuses. These phones allow you to contact security at the touch of a button at any of these locations.
    5. Contact Security. To streamline the way the Broward College community contacts its Campus Safety Offices, we have a single College Safety phone number:
      954-201-HELP (4357). Add this important number to your personal contact list. You can contact security at any time for assistance.

Find more tips and information on campus safety and security by viewing the College’s Annual Safety Report.

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