Broward College offers assistance to students affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria

October 10, 2017 | News

Continuing its decades-long tradition of helping the community and anyone in need, Broward College organized the donation of items to assist students of Florida Keys Community College affected by Hurricane Irma. The College was also among the first in the state to open its doors to students relocating from Puerto Rico who were affected by Hurricane Maria.


Helping the Keys

Through the support of staff and faculty the College on Friday, October 6, delivered supplies to students at its sister institution at the Florida Keys Community College. The Keys was severely affected by Hurricane Irma which hit the state more than a month ago. Many of its students are in need of basic supplies to restart classes. The collection was organized by the Material Management department, which set up several drop points across the College.  Donations exceeded expectations and included 60 bicycles, more than 40 laptops, dozens of personal care packages, bedding, school, and pet supplies.


 Welcoming Students from Puerto Rico

Broward College is joining in on the effort to offer students from Puerto Rico the opportunity of continuing their education by waiving out-of-state fees, helping them save up to $260 per credit.

The College is partnering with several organizations including Hispanic Unity Foundation and the Puerto Rican Chamber Foundation to offer students wraparound services in hopes of making the recovering process easier.

For students who are unable to get their official transcripts, Broward College will accept unofficial paper transcripts and will offer some students a grace period until they can obtain them.

In order to make the application/transfer process as easy as possible, students will be asked to complete the Affidavit for Delayed Transcripts and Displaced Students from Puerto Rico in-state tuition forms. Additional documents required are proof of residency, completed application and an application fee. If accepted, students will be able to start in the spring 2018 term. The College also has a Frequently Asked Questions Foundation document that quickly addresses most student concerns.

For more information on the application process for relocating students, visit our website at or email us at

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