Broward College Hosts First 24-Hour Student Hackathon

October 22, 2015 | News

Broward College hosted its first 24-hour Hackathon on Friday, October 16. 2015 to provide the opportunity for students, regardless of their area of study or prior computer programming experience, to collaborate, plan, create and then pitch their coding projects to a panel of local technology leaders. More than 70 students from Broward College, Palm Beach State College and McFatter Technical High School participated, working together in small teams that had a variety of different skillsets, including developers, designers and non-technical students. As a result, there were many innovative and creative projects, ranging from educational websites, payment and tracking applications, handmade robots to 3D printing creations.

Broward College Hack-a-thon

“Technology is an essential component of virtually all industries. As Florida’s tech industry continues to grow and technological devices play an ever-more vital role in our everyday lives, the skills to understand, develop, program and support technology become increasingly important,” said Broward College President J. David Armstrong, Jr. “I believe this event helped address the technology talent gap issue that today’s workforce is currently facing, while also developing the student talent pool and ultimately supporting the thriving tech sector in Broward County.”

Broward College Hack-A-ThonTim Hasse, co-founder of General Provision; Chris Caputo, CEO of Metro Media Works; and Maria de Pena, president of Code Explorers, served as judges during the final presentations. They selected six outstanding projects for awards in the following categories –

    • Best Overall (Judge’s Pick): Nerd Up, a code sharing instant messaging app, which better allows programmers to connect and work collaboratively on projects together. Student creators include Jacob Christensen, Carla Heywood, Samantha Johnson and Henry Mauricio Baquero.

    • Most Innovative Idea: Check Me Out, a payment app allowing users to avoid long lines at grocery stores or warehouse clubs by scanning, checking out and paying for products on their cell phones. Student creators include Christian Horton, Daniel McVay, Weing Leung, Hyejin Kang and Thiago Novaes.

    • Best Presentation: Easy Scholar, an app allowing students to search for and save various scholarship opportunities available to them. Student creators include Patrick Caron, Patrice Dillard, Vanessa Osorio, Kevin Diniz and Giuseppe Bini.

    • Crowd Favorite: BC Robotics, a prototype robot that uses smartphone technology. Student creators include Robert Eassey, Andres De Jesus, Steven Swedleson, Marc Goldbach and Stephen Gallagan.

    • Sponsor’s Favorite, presented by AAJ Technologies, which would best benefit the community and create revenue: InRhythm, a search engine for musicians to identify fellow musicians to collaborate with for future opportunities. Student creators include Yana Kerch, Kishon Diaz, Juan Membreno and Natalie Hinds.

  • Code for a Cause, a project addressing a social or civic need related to sustainability, education, public health or transportation: Over Watch, a mobile GPS location-based tracking technology that allows users to ensure a loved one, such as a child or elderly family member, arrived safely at their destination, alerting users if they remained immobile for an extended period of time. Student creators include David Shvimer, Derrian Wilson, Dylan Shuart, Tsung Ng, Andrew Gallagan, Vagner Domingues and Ronald Baxter.

Sponsors for the Hackathon included AAJ Technologies, Vijilan, Cengage Learning, Sartosoft, Knowledge Convey and General Provision.

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