Broward College Hosts ‘Chopped,’ Offering Local Caterers the Chance to Win a Business Contract

December 16, 2014 | News

To present an opportunity for small, local businesses to grow and contribute to the vibrant and prosperous South Florida community, Broward College’s Office of Supplier Relations and Diversity recently hosted “Chopped.” This event provided an opportunity for companies to compete for a contract to work with the College on multiple catering projects. The winner was Standing Ovations Catering, based in South Florida for the past six months, and co-owned by Maria Kramer and Sheron Chin Barnes.

“This event was created to introduce our end-users to the local catering companies in the community,” said Dicky Sykes, director of supplier relations and diversity at Broward College. “We thought this would be a fun and engaging way for both groups to interact and get to know one another.”

Blue Tree Café, Black Swan Special Events, Catering CC and Standing Ovations Catering each gave a PowerPoint presentation while providing the judges with three samples of their food, including an appetizer, entrée and dessert. Judges included campus presidents, and a representative from Broward College Student Life and the Foundation.

“Success requires opportunities, and we are very grateful for this opportunity that has been given to us by Broward College,” said Kramer. “We are looking forward to providing healthy, delicious and multicultural menus at a college that provides a chance to succeed to the diverse people of South Florida.”





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