Broward College Expands $10K Bachelor’s Degree Programs

September 15, 2015 | News

Nearly all of Broward College’s bachelor’s degrees are now $10K

Broward College is expanding its current $10,000 ($10K) baccalaureate degree offerings to include six additional options, totaling 11 qualifying bachelor’s degree programs. As a part of the $10K initiative, eligible students pay the first $10,000 of tuition and fees, and the College pays the remainder of the student’s tuition and fees during the last year of study.

“Broward College strives to be a leader in providing access to affordable higher education, and the decision to position nearly all of our bachelor degree programs at a cost of $10,000 is a true reflection of that continued commitment,” said Broward College President J. David Armstrong, Jr. “This initiative provides students with the opportunity to obtain one of the most affordable bachelor’s degrees in the nation, while allowing Broward College to contribute to the economic growth of our community.”

The $10K bachelor’s degrees include:

Interested individuals must meet the following requirements: 3.0 cumulative GPA each term; committed to continuous enrollment (summer term optional); full-time status and successful completion of at least 30 credits per academic year; no more than 15 accelerated or transfer credits upon program enrollment; and Florida residency. Prior to completion of 75 credit hours, students must apply for a $10K award and be formally accepted by the College.

For more information or to apply, visit $10K Degrees or contact


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